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How to Become a Bodyguard

How to Become a Bodyguard

If you’re looking at becoming a bodyguard there are certain characteristics and qualifications you will need to have. Below we have put a list of the most common requirements for anyone looking to Become a Bodyguard. Now like any list there are always things missing, please remember this and do your own research . There are defiantly more things to consider when looking at bodyguard training certification that what you reading but this is a good start.

What is a Bodyguard?

A bodyguard or also referred to as “close protection officer” or “personal security” is a trained experienced professional whose job is to accompany and protect a well know or high profile client. Some client’s bodyguards will accompany are celebrities, corporate executives, the super rich, a politician and even professional athletes.

There are many traits that a good bodyguard must have to be considered a highly sought out professional. Most people see bodyguards in movies and shows and think they have an idea of what’s really encompasses this profession. Below are a list of requirements to become a high-end bodyguard.

How to Become a Bodyguard 101

1. You must be licensed to become a bodyguard
Every state or county has their own process and requirements to become certified. Before looking at becoming a bodyguard look at the states or countries where you would offer your services to review the requirements. Some agencies require previous military experience or training similar to what you will learn in a personal protection class.

The great things is once you are certified you will be able to:

  • Work Private Security
  • Acquire a Bodyguard Job with high-end security companies
  • Work Security at local, national or international events
  • Become a security consultant and specialize in threat assessments
  • Create and oversee personal security procedures for corporate executives
  • Manage your own security team

2. You must have a thorough understanding of the job

Just like any other career path you take, it’s important to understand what your job role is and what to expect before starting. Most potential candidates don’t understand the time requirements in this profession. You will be working more than 40+ hours per week. Being a bodyguard also requires allot of traveling and helping your client with other things than security.

3. You have to be in great shape

Becoming a bodyguard requires you to be in great shape. In the event that you need to protect your client you need to have the stamina and endurance to accomplish this. You will also need to have perfect senses; hearing , sight, smell and common sense are a must. Having the mental toughness and physical abilities, plus patience, will be required to become a great bodyguard. It is recommend that you start a workout regime to prepare you for the job, prior to becoming certified. Many past students will start this regimen months before even considering starting the certification process. Crossfit training classes are a great way to speed up the process. These type of workouts can get you into shape very quickly.

4. To become a bodyguard you need to have great communication skills

Most people tend to forget how important communication skills are. In most jobs the people who are let go first are the one with the least communication skills. So imagine how important communicating to your clients about possible threats and recon is. Being able to communicate to other law enforcement agencies and describe the situation appropriately is a must. Also talking to fans or people who want to talk to your client and directing them where they need to go is critical. There are many books and courses you can take to help you improve your communication skills. Some of the most popular courses are local Toastmaster groups. Toastmasters is great for someone with now public speaking or management experience. Toastmasters tends to be very inexpensive and beneficial for most people who attend. Another option is to look at your local college for communication classes.

5. You should have other security based skills

Not only will you need to be in great shape and have great communication skills but you will need to have other security based skills. Most candidates will have a martial arts or some kind of self defense background. One of the most popular styles of Martial Arts real life bodyguards train in is Kali. Kali uses real life or death tactics. It also teaches weapons training such as knives, sticks and gun tactics, which is essential when wanting to become an armed security officer.

Martial arts are great but all potential students need to be accurate and efficient with their handgun or rifle of choice. 9mm and 40 calibers are very popular with Security Officials. Reality based firearm and personal defense training courses can be found in your local area and are highly recommend.

Other skills that are recommend for the future bodyguard candidate:

  • quick reaction time and constant awareness of your surroundings
  • efficient and accurate using a weapons like rifles, handguns and knives
  • good observational skills
  • the ability to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them, or diffuse them if unavoidable
  • discretion and understand the need for client confidentiality
  • calmness and a level-head under pressure
  • the ability to adapt and improvise in different situations
  • decision-making and planning skills
  • learning multiple languages

How can Security Guard Training HQ help you become a body guard

There is a lot of information across the internet available on how to become a security guard, however all of the websites we’ve come across are not very user-friendly and often contain generic or outdated information. It is often difficult to even know where to begin and those other sites can leave you even more confused than when you arrived. was developed to make the search for anything dealing with bodyguard and security training easy to find. We also have a search feature where you can find a top rated school in your local area. Our list is constantly expanding as we reach new agreements with other Security Guard Training Centers and criminal justice degree programs across the country.

Cemetery Security Guard Jobs

Do Cemeteries Need Security Guards?

While you might initially think that a cemetery is not a large security issue or that no crimes happen within them, this is not really the case. Even a cemetery needs some level of licensed security personnel for various reasons that become obvious in hindsight. while graves are infrequently-visited sites that usually tend to attract few people beyond a funeral procession, this does not mean that a cemetery is not completely free of risks. Most cemeteries are completely open to the general public, meaning anyone can gain access to valuable items like headstones or memorial objects; easy targets for theft and/or vandalism. It is this issue that necessitates the call for cemetery security guards; in just the year 2017, over 100 incidents of cemetery vandalism were reported within the United States, accounting for over 500 vandalized headstones and memorials and racking up $1,766,000 in damages.

Beyond the obvious traffic from the family and friends of bodies interred within a cemetery, there are a variety of other types of people who come to a cemetery. These other groups of cemetery visitors include the following:

  • People with a keen interest in some aspect of history, researching the graves of certain individuals connected to some notable event or organization.
  • Birdwatchers.
  • Photographers.
  • Artists.
  • Tourists. Tourists are especially prevalent in cases where a cemetery is host to the grave or mausoleum of a famous or infamous person.
    While none of these individuals are any sort of threat to a cemetery, it is the fact that there are other types of people, individuals with far less benign reasons for coming to such a place, that serves as a reason to staff a cemetery with one or more security guards.

Another reason to hire security for a cemetery is if a funeral requires extra security. In these situations, it is best to resort to security guards trained to cover a cemetery rather than a guard with the basic training necessary for any sort of security position. Even beyond the obvious targets of graves and memorials, some criminals may look to make off with the various light fixtures, electronics or copper wiring installed throughout the grounds. Such places should obviously be put under close scrutiny, which is where a professional security guard comes in.

How Do Security Guards Help Cemeteries and Gravesites?

cemetery security guard dutiesEven the mere sight of a guard in uniform can be enough of a deterrent for potential criminal offenders. It can also give a sense of safety and calm to visitors who aware.

While CCTV rigs might help with security, knowing that a trained security guard, someone of flesh and blood is patrolling the grounds can serve as a great boost of confidence for a graveyard’s bereaved and its operators. Trained security guards know how to identify someone suspicious and to track suspicious arrivals and departures from the graveyard.

Overall, even an unarmed security guard can offer a sizable presence of security to a cemetery. The lack of weapon visibility also means that people will be less apprehensive about going somewhere with few or no other people around. In cases where a specific gravesite is known to attract a lot of criminal attention, armed security may be required.

Tasks of a Cemetery Security Guard

A security guard who has undergone sufficient training to cover a cemetery or gravesite is more than capable of performing the following duties.

  • Ensure that any and all property remains on the premises and is neither stolen nor vandalized.
  • Record real-time visual evidence of offenders and their vehicles.
  • Patrol the grounds in order to look for offenders and ensure everything is as it should be.
  • Ensure that the grounds are secure every day and night.
  • Observe and corral vehicles parked within or near the cemetery.
  • Authorize visitors’ check-ins and check-outs.
  • Contact the appropriate emergency services should a relevant situation arise.
  • Secure contraband from making its way into the cemetery.
  • Give a regular daily report of all events, both mundane and irregular.

How Security Guards Protect and Serve Us Everyday

Security guards protect and serve every day using their skills in the security industry, their instincts and their natural bravery. People who work as security guards should not be regarded as something less than law enforcement officers because security guards are where everyone needs them to be at the right time. Some are standing at the front desk to help people who come through the door, and others are making rounds to make sure that people are alright.

Security Guards Look After Their Own

A security guard in an office building gets to know every single person who works in the building, and the guard knows the routine of everyone in the building. A security guard is often the first person to notice when something is not right, and lives have been saved because security guards just knew where their people were supposed to be.

Security guards also know all the people that are supposed to be in the building. Anyone who is not supposed to be there will be questioned, and the security guard can easily prevent people from entering the building or property when they should not. Again, this saves lives every day.

Security Guards Check Every Nook and Cranny

Security guards are willing to go the extra mile by checking every nook and cranny of a building to ensure that the people in it are safe. The security guards will discover problems with theft, and these same guards will discover problems with people who are misusing the facilities where they work. A security guard who is doing their job correctly will find people who stealing, people who are hiding in the building and people who are misusing the property

Security Guards Are Often Not Armed

Security guards do all this work at great personal risk because they are not armed in many cases. These guards know that they are doing hard jobs, but they are doing these jobs even though they do not have the sidearms that would protect them. Security guards are taking big risks by helping people, and they should be commended for their work.

Every security guard in America who is doing their job correctly is saving lives, helping people out of bad situations and making sure that people are where they should be. This attention to detail helps them protect and serve in many cases better than anyone with a badge every could.

Higher Pay and Less Headache with a Corporate Security Job!

In the world of security guard jobs, there are a few different routes you could take: TSA, Homeland, Corrections, Armored car, and more. But one of the most lucrative security guard jobs is in corporate security. There is a lot of room for guards to work their way into management. There is a large need for corporate security guards, so there are many corporate security jobs available. And the pay and regularity of the job tends to be less intense than other forms of security.

Corporate security jobs range from loss prevention in retail all the way up to C level executives. The CSO is the Chief Security officer. Many times, this person comes from a law enforcement or military background, but there are quite often CSO’s who have worked their way up through the ranks over the years. Between the corporate security guard and the Chief Security officer, there are usually a few corporate security managers. These are folks who have made security their career, are good with people, and are just as comfortable behind a desk as they are in the field.

One of the benefits of a corporate security job is the stability of the job market. Marketing may lose 50% of it’s budget and 20 employees. The sales force may be fired and rehired and fired again. But security is integral to the functioning of a business. If the business isn’t safe and secure, it can’t run. Cuts to essential budgets, like security, are rare. Corporate security is one of the rare industries that tend to be insulated from market fluctuations. If the business is laying off security, the business is about to go under.

Corporate security is a very lucrative option for former law enforcement or military. In speaking to one high level security manger at an energy company in the northeast, he said that after over 20 years as a police officer, the transition to a security manager easy, lower risk, and enjoyable. More than that, he said that he makes over 5 times the salary he was making as an officer, with 100 times less risk. Because the skill sets transfer over so well, many times private industrial companies will seek out police officers or former government agents. Corporate security is a great industry for veterans to apply for.

In some cases times, corporate security agents will be unarmed, so a Class D security license or a Guard Card will suffice. However, many times corporate security guards will be required to carry a firearm. In this case, the agent will need to secure a Class G security license. This is an additional 30 hour class, regulated by the state, that teaches gun safety, situational awareness, de-escalation, additional first aid, threat assessment, and wraps up with a shooting test. Corporate security guards do not need to own their own firearm. The corporation that they work for will supply it. The Class G security license requires that licensees are re-certified every year.

When interviewing, hiring managers tend to look for work experience that shows a range of experience with people, but also a solid base of security training and know-how. Day to day, you will usually be professionally dressed, and the security uniform is usually a suit or pant suit, so ensuring that look the part on an interview is important. Finally, it’s not enough to simply submit a resume online, and hope for a call back. The best way to secure a position is to show up, make a connection, and then send a resume later. (Do not show up with a resume in hand. Have it in a PDF on your phone, ready to send, but showing up with a resume is the worst.). Shake hands. Look a manager in the eye, and the follow up with a thank you email, and your resume later.

All in all, corporate security is one of the most lucrative security jobs to have. So get out there and start guarding!

Best Ship Security Jobs And Why Work Here?

Cruise & Cargo Ship Security - Security Guard Careers

If you want to earn some money and travel the world, then ship security jobs can be a very good solution for you, armed ship security jobs might sound difficult but it’s really not that hard, you can have more information on why at Armed Security Guard Training

While looking for armed ship security jobs, you will find out that there are different type of ships to work in, you can work on a cruise ship, or a cargo ship for example, the salary might also be different, but the objective still stays the same, you must provide security and safety to the property or the people on the ship.

The Ship Security Lifestyle

A ship life can be unbelievably rewarding with a unique lifestyle, amount of different attractions, meeting new people, visiting new places, etc.

If you ever thought why you should work as a ship security guard I will tell you the 3 main reasons:

  1. World Travel – While working at cruise ship security jobs you will definitely have the chance to travel to a lot of places, different countries, different continents and you will have the chance to explore exotic places in the country you’re in.
  2. Money, a lot of it – Depending on your terms you should be getting a pretty high paycheck at your payday, the annual salary of a civilian security contractor is between 50,000 USD to 250,000 USD according to
  3. Social Life – You will have an amazing social life, yes, you might be working 40 – 60 hours a week (7 days) but you will have plenty of free time to have fun while on board, you will have access to the ships crew lounges, internet cafes, dining areas, swimming pools, and a lot more. This does not apply as much to cargo ship security jobs as to regular cruise ships so take that in mind.

Cruise Ship Security Jobs

Working as a cruise ship security officer will usually be more fun than working in a cargo ship and will involve less risk on the job, it will have more attractions, more people, specially designed places to chill out, I guess even a better mood overall if you may call it that way, but the paycheck in return would be lower as well, if you’re looking to have more fun and enjoy different attractions, than security on a cruise ship is the perfect fit for you.

Working Security on a Cargo Ship

Container ship security jobs can sometimes get a little dangerous because of ‘piracy’ especially in the red sea and the Indian Ocean where 50,000 commercial ships pass through each year, securing a cargo ship might get you into fighting pirates, dealing with criminals that try to sabotage or steal the goods of the ship.

This sounds dangerous, and yes it is dangerous, But you better know this now before you think about applying for this kind of ship security, I’ll add that it is better if you’ve had a military or police background and you’re experienced in dealing with such situations.

Of course involving such risks the payment will be higher according to the contract, but if you’re adrenaline junkie that’s looking for action and lots of money then this is the perfect chance for you, if you think you can handle this, contact cargo ship security companies around your area and see what they have to offer.

Famous Security Guards from History

Although the word famous may not come to mind when you think of the title of security guard, the reality is that there have been plenty of famous people over the course of history, who have worked at one time or another as a security guard. Just about all of them ended up being either in a position of power in a political system, occupied in one way or another in the military, or are known for various other athletic accomplishments.
One of the most well known men that was the notorious leader of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who passed away just two years ago at the age of ninety five.
Another incredibly notorious man and former security guard, who’s name is etched in a tragic portion of history in the United States is Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was put to death by legal injection after being convicted of planning and carrying out the Oklahoma City Bombing attacks, which killed a massive amount of people several decades ago. The attacks that were planned out and carried out by McVeigh absolutely shocked and stunned the world, especially due to the fact that one of the areas of the building that was hit contained a huge amount of children, leading to a large number of casualties. Another notorious criminal, although definitely not as big of a name as McVeigh, is Victor Manuel Gerena, who was a bank robber in the United States, which makes sense that he would have worked as a security guard in the past. In 1983, Victor Manuel Gerena pulled off a massive heist of a Wells Fargo armored car facility, in which seven million dollars was stolen, making it the largest bank robbery in history in the United States at the time, creating a massive man hunt for him and his gang.
There are a host of smaller, yet still well known people that have been security guards in the past, such as Derek Boyer, who is a former strong man and actor, who ended up working as a security guard for a number of years in the past, likely due to his massive frame. It is definitely clear that there is a direct correlation between those people that have worked as security guards in the past, with people that are in a demanding physical position, or a position of power, such as an athlete or a political figure.

Best Things to Know About Government Security Jobs

What is government security clearance?

For starters, it is important to note that there are different degrees of clearances as this may be confusing for job seekers who encounter Secret clearance jobs and are unsure what this refers to. There are presently three levels of clearance. They are as follow, from lowest to highest:

  1. Top Secret
  2. Secret
  3. Confidential

Another misconception is that every government job requires a security clearance which is untrue, generally this requirement is for government security jobs and other positions involving confidentiality. As for the purpose of the clearance, it is determine if an individual is able and willing to keep classified information confidential. An individual must be a U.S. citizen to be eligible but in specific scenarios an exception may be made based on the needs if the individual possesses particular expertise that may be required. Each clearance allows an individual holding a certain position to access certain information allocated to the level of clearance that they have been granted. The level of clearance required is determined by the Bureau of Human Resources who comes to this decision based on the needs of the particular job position.govtguard

Guide to Security Clearance Process

In order to initiate an application for the process, an applicant must first be offered an offer for a job position which requires it. An applicant cannot apply for it directly. The Bureau of Human Resources will determine the particular clearance requirement based on the position and once the candidate is selected then they will be required to undergo the investigation process. In regards to transferring a clearance to another federal agency in the event that an individual wishes to move to a different agency, this is normally possible but is subject to other requirements as well that the other agency may have.

As for family and spouses being subject to being checked as well, it depends on the circumstance. In terms of reasons for denial, the following factors may contribute to this outcome: negative foreign influence, sexual misconduct, criminal activity, questionable alcohol and drug consumption amongst other criteria. Delays may also occur due to submitting an incomplete security package, poor fingerprint reading, and simply the length required of extensive investigations due to the nature of them.

In the event an individual is denied for let’s say a DOD security clearance, they will be given an option to file for an appeal. This allows the individual a chance to correct or clarify the situation. For more information about this, visit the official FAQ.

Where to Find Security Job Openings?

The following are suggestions of agencies that offer such opportunities:

  • TSA jobs
  • DHS jobs
  • NSA jobs
  • FEMA jobs

By visiting each agency’s respective website you can find out more information about the types of positions available and specific job requirements. For example for The Department of Homeland Security jobs, on their website you can find particular information about federal law enforcement jobs. Applicants should also consider clearance level requirements as Top Secret clearance jobs for example require the lowest level hence are good for those interested in getting started on this career path.

Airport Security Jobs

In an ever faster and more expanding world, the need for first class airport security officers are now in greater demand than ever before. As we travel faster and further, our need for a complex system of security grows. And so we enter the world of Airport security.

On the one hand, man-made security equipment is increasingly more adapted to an increasingly more dangerous world. Sniffing out the innocent from the evil doers. Technology is growing in the complexity and use. Useless without the Airport Security Guard operating these machines.

Not only would you be required to learn the use of this specialized equipment, but also to provide an excellent customer service. As your main role will be to serve people, of all nations, creeds, ethnic backgrounds, religions and ideals — your compassion and tolerance would be one of complete zen. Working with a smile yet never undermining the enemy of all people. Those who would harm others.

Responsibilities of an Airport Security Guard Role

Main Role:

  • Establishing a safe environment for passengers as they start their journeys.
  • Comply with all security requirements in a professional manner
  • Operate X-Ray equipment, search passengers, checking luggage and ID vehicles while being part of a multi-disciplined team.
  • Interacting with people from different countries and cultures.

Secondary Roles:

The role of a an airport security officer varies from day to day; you will have to be aware of your surroundings and deal with situations as they arise. Responsibilities typically include:

  • Ensuring that premises are patrolled in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Monitoring all activity inside and outside a premises through observation and closed circuit television.
  • Signing visitors into a building and ensuring the sign back out.
  • Checking suspicious packages.
  • Logging the traffic within buildings. Ensuring only authorized personnel frequent relevant buildings.
  • Record any suspicious activity and take required action.
  • Guarding valuables or cash (typically in a secure vehicle).
  • Maintaining airport security by searching baggage and guarding airport exits and entrances.
  • Communicating relevant information to other security officers via walkie-talkies or other communication devices such as mobile phones etc.
  • Dispensing directions and other information to visitors.
  • Writing reports for the police or courts as well as to management.
  • Conducting general reception duties, such as answering the telephone.
  • Creating and distributing building access cards.
  • Managing the car park.

Skills Required:

  • Be good at communicating.
  • Having the ability to work well under pressure.
  • Having awareness and being assertive when situations arise.
  • Being able to follow and give directions.
  • Being able to recall information when required.
  • Must have the ability to work within a team structure.
  • Be accurate and pay attention to details.
  • Have a flexible skill set when the need arises.
  • Have a basic knowledge of customer service skills. (Prior customer service skills beneficial)

Personal Qualities:

  • Must be able to work shifts including weekends and Bank Holidays.
  • Smart appearance with no visible tattoos. Neck and hands are unacceptable.
  • Be a team player, but have the ability to work without supervision.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Confident in dealing with difficult customers.
  • Take initiative.
  • Friendly manner.
  • Professional and tactful approach to situations.
  • Reliable,dependable and punctual.
  • Physically fit with good sight and hearing.

Where to Find Airport Security Jobs?

Unless you are happy to travel far to work, being hired for an airport security job, usually requires relocation, as most airports are found outside the city center. Larger cities will usually accommodate more than one major airport — take New York for example with seven airports. John F. Kennedy International Airport serves over 100,000 people a day, therefore the demand for airport security guards is in high demand. The remaining airports, albeit smaller are still serving thousands of passengers, and still require a good amount of security officers to maintain key aspects mentioned above.

Career Progression:

In terms of career progression, there are plenty of roles you can develop into — you could progress to a supervisory role or become a manager, area manager or chief security officer. If you manage to impress as an airport security officer then there are excellent promotion prospects for you and the great thing is the airport company will be more than willing to pay for your training. You could go on to become a Security supervisor/team leader in the airport (better pay than other supervisory roles), manager of security within the airport or working for the immigration department..
Even if you don’t plan to stay in an airport security position itself the experience of working as one will be a great and credible part of your CV. Major companies hold this experience in high regard and will look favorably on this background.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

Relevant work experience is not essential for finding work as an airport security officer but it will be useful. Experience working in the army or police force is a major advantage. Any previous experience working in a general customer-focused job or in a manual role will also be beneficial. Not everyone can get into an airport security role. Fulfillment of the above requirements is essential, as well as a criminal background check. To be an airport security officer you have to be trustworthy, honest, polite and non-judgmental. It is easy to specialize in a particular area of the job, however different roles require different skills. This might be something to bear in mind if you are thinking of pursuing a specific role within the airport security industry.

Airport Working Conditions for Security Guards:

Airport security officers often work long hours. The job usually involves some evening and overnight work on a shift basis but security officers may also be required to work overtime at short notice. In-house security jobs are usually based at an airport or office but other jobs could involve driving long distances with valuable goods. Airport security officers are well-trained to keep risk to a minimum, but at times the role can be dangerous. As an officer you should expect to deal with unpleasant and confrontational situations on occasion.

Airport Security Salary and What to Expect

The salary is predetermined by the official body — the Transportation Security Administration. Airport security jobs typically start on between $17,000 and $25,000 a year for band A, but it raises with experience. The highest salary you can expect is between $121,438 and $157,100 per year in senior and principal security roles. For more details on salaries, check out the official TSA site*.


Why Hospital Security Jobs Are a Great Option

A good job is something that everyone wants. It’s a big deal these days, because the economy is not doing well. That’s why you have to stand out from the pack. An excellent field to explore is hospital security jobs.

Hospital security can include many different skill sets. Security is a major worry for any kind of public organization, however hospitals as well as various other medical facilities present organizers with a distinct challenge. Beyond the ethical responsibility to keep patients as well as personnel safe, the wealth of costly medical equipment and potentially dangerous medicines also places medical centers at an increased threat of theft.

Thus reliability in a hospital safety and security officer is paramount. A requirement for this type of job is to have perfect attendance. When companies are looking to lay off workers they often times look at attendance. They’d rather not pay benefits to the no-shows, so they will be first to go. By showing up every day you protect your own wallet in the long run.????????????????????????????????????????

If you are between jobs, make the most of this time. Instead of allowing yourself to feel bored and distressed, take the initiative to become more productive. For example, you might volunteer with a local adult literacy program, teach senior citizens about Medicare coverage or lead workshops at a center for small businesses. While volunteering as a security guard at a hospital is not likely, you may be able to volunteer at a hospital in reception and get to know the security staff. You will gain valuable experience, preserve your sanity and possibly expand your network.

Before you even apply for a job, be sure that your resume is as up-to-date as possible. List any past job that you can think of, as trivial as a job may seem. The more experience you have in a specific industry, the more likely you are to land a job. Certain useful skills for hospital security would include: technical skills with computers, physical abilities to perform security as well as soft skills for dealing with the public and professional staff of the hospital.

Unlike technological skills, which are about an individual’s skill set and their capability to execute a particular type of job or activity, soft skills speak to an individual’s capability to communicate successfully with coworkers as well as patients. Soft skills (or sometimes referred to as people skills) in the security staff are crucial in all systems including complicated tasks. This is even more essential for healthcare facility security workers which invariably communicate with wide variety of patients and their attendants while operating in open systems such as hospitals. This ends up being much more essential during disaster management when criminals take advantage of the situation.

If you are going to use someone as a reference for a job, make sure you give them the heads up. You don’t want to have a potential employer give someone a call, and they are not expecting it. This increases the likelihood that they will say something that could be damaging.

While it is nice to have connections, remember that you should never think that someone else will get a job for you. You are your own best representative. Work hard to make your dreams happen. If you sit back and hope things will fall into place, they probably will not.

Speak with your friends and acquaintances from college to see if you can leverage off of your contact list to find a job. You will be surprised just how far the branch extends with the people that you know to all of the companies that are in your line of work.

Register for unemployment immediately upon learning you will not have a job. Don’t wait for your last day on the job or until your severance ends. The sooner you sign up, the more likely you will be approved and the quicker your benefits will begin.

When you are creating a resume, try to include some of the key words that the job you are applying to is looking for. Sometimes, companies will weed out resumes based on these words, as it is a very easy way to get the call for an interview through your resume.

When submitting a resume to a potential employer, always submit a full resume. A tactic used by many people to cover up negative areas of employment is to write the cover letter in lieu of an actual resume. Most human resource professionals have seen this and will red flag any potential job seeker immediately. If you are doing this and wondering why you are not getting any interviews, this is probably the reason.

One of the things to understand when you are job hunting is that there will be a lot of disappointments. If you understand this, you will be in a good position to get back on your feet and stay persistent if you do not land the job. Eventually, your dedication and drive will pay off.

Get to the interview 10 minutes before the appointed time. This will help you center yourself before the interview and show you’re serious about the position. There is absolutely no reason for you to be even 5 minutes late. If you are late, have a really good explanation ready before you let the interview continue.

If you have managerial or supervisory experience, you may be tempted to include testimonials solely from higher-ups. This is excellent information, but you can take it further by including feedback from your subordinates. Hiring managers look for candidates who can connect and build rapport with employees at all levels of an organization.

Older job seekers are well advised to learn all about the latest technologies. If you are asked to e mail your resume, you don’t want to be at a loss as to how to do it! Get online and learn about e mail, social media and more. Practice e mailing your resume as an attachment. E mail it to yourself and make sure it comes through well and is readable.

Keep an open mind when trying to find a new job. Not only apply for the specific position you are looking for, but jobs that are related to that position as well. You might not end up landing the exact position you were looking for, but it will give you an opportunity to get into a company where you can transfer positions down the road.

Keep a positive attitude foremost in your mind! Once you’ve given up, it can only get worse! If you’re more positive, you’ll also perform well in interviews. Do everything you can to remain smiling and upbeat, and with time, you absolutely will find a job.

Before going to a job interview, make sure that you get plenty of interviewing practice. Many job seekers go to an interview and don’t know what to say or how to act, which can harm their chances of obtaining the position. To combat this, you should practice ahead of time. Eliminating the chances of forgetting important details, poor phrasing, or awkward body language can really increase your odds of getting the position.

After reading the tips in this article, you should feel more confident about your ability to really show your worth to any employer. If you use the tips here, you’re going to be able to show your skills and get the job you want. Take your time and really apply these tips and a job is sure to come your way.

Cruise Ship Jobs – A Great Opportunity

Almost everyone who has an unstable job will want to find new employment. They look for work that can offer them greener pastures. The standard of living today is very expensive. Your current earnings may not suffice for your everyday needs and could be worse if you are feeding a family. One interesting field you might consider is cruise ship security officer.

Actually, if you are just persistent in looking for the most suitable job you can find many job openings. You need a lot of determination on your part if you want to succeed. It is also more advantageous if you have the right skills to compete with other people. Cruise ship security jobs can fit the bill if you have the proper skills and aptitude.

Due to millions of people who are seeking employment, you need to be equipped with all the requirements and skills needed if you want to be hired. You will be encountering several competitive applicants. However, not too many will be looking for a job in security on a cruise

Now, if you have an existing job and you think it does not meet your expectations financially and socially, you can make a change. Divert your attention into something new, a career that will be more satisfying than your old boring work. Cruise ship security will offer much more excitement than the typical desk job.

Cruise ship jobs cater to a different flavor. You will experience the thrill working in various notable cruises all over the world. Grab the chance of enjoying the fun as you sail over the deepest and the largest oceans in the continents. You will be earning money at the same time you will love your job because of the enthusiasm it can give you.

According to surveys by the end of this year, about 250 ocean-going cruises will open for service. Some reports also said that every year approximately 8.5 Americans cruise in the different parts of the world.

In other words, this will provide many opportunities for those who want to work on ships. You need to grasp chances like this.

The more cruise lines that you apply to, the higher the chance that you will get the job. If you know that, then why not try applying in any of the many cruise lines.

Cruise companies do not make it a habit of sending rejection letters unlike the crew agencies. Applying to a crew agency will just be a waste of money.

Prior to your application for a cruise ship jobs, here are the things that you should do:

1. Know the available potions – If you get the chance to read in publications or some posted announcements regarding available slots for ships jobs, try to know the available positions first. See if they are actively hiring for cruise ship security jobs.

2. Assess whether the position fits your qualifications – Check the list of qualifications that the cruise company is looking for. If you are confident enough that you will pass, then push through with your application.

On the other hand, if you think that you will fail, it is better that you accept your flaws. Maybe there is some other job available that will suit your qualifications.

3. Inquire about the exact address to send your resume – After you gauge your qualifications, you can now send it to the address posted on the print ads.

You can send your resume directly to the address of the cruise line. Avoid sending your application through e-mail, although some cruising line companies allow this but it is more formal and appreciative if you are going to send it through a professional package.

When sending all your qualifications, make sure that it is complete. Include all your credentials and the certification coming from the companies where you have worked in the past.

Your application should consist of papers such as a resume, cover letter, at least two reference letters, citations and awards and a picture.

Good luck in your new career!