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Best Things to Know About Government Security Jobs

What is government security clearance?

For starters, it is important to note that there are different degrees of clearances as this may be confusing for job seekers who encounter Secret clearance jobs and are unsure what this refers to. There are presently three levels of clearance. They are as follow, from lowest to highest:

  1. Top Secret
  2. Secret
  3. Confidential

Another misconception is that every government job requires a security clearance which is untrue, generally this requirement is for government security jobs and other positions involving confidentiality. As for the purpose of the clearance, it is determine if an individual is able and willing to keep classified information confidential. An individual must be a U.S. citizen to be eligible but in specific scenarios an exception may be made based on the needs if the individual possesses particular expertise that may be required. Each clearance allows an individual holding a certain position to access certain information allocated to the level of clearance that they have been granted. The level of clearance required is determined by the Bureau of Human Resources who comes to this decision based on the needs of the particular job position.govtguard

Guide to Security Clearance Process

In order to initiate an application for the process, an applicant must first be offered an offer for a job position which requires it. An applicant cannot apply for it directly. The Bureau of Human Resources will determine the particular clearance requirement based on the position and once the candidate is selected then they will be required to undergo the investigation process. In regards to transferring a clearance to another federal agency in the event that an individual wishes to move to a different agency, this is normally possible but is subject to other requirements as well that the other agency may have.

As for family and spouses being subject to being checked as well, it depends on the circumstance. In terms of reasons for denial, the following factors may contribute to this outcome: negative foreign influence, sexual misconduct, criminal activity, questionable alcohol and drug consumption amongst other criteria. Delays may also occur due to submitting an incomplete security package, poor fingerprint reading, and simply the length required of extensive investigations due to the nature of them.

In the event an individual is denied for let’s say a DOD security clearance, they will be given an option to file for an appeal. This allows the individual a chance to correct or clarify the situation. For more information about this, visit the official FAQ.

Where to Find Security Job Openings?

The following are suggestions of agencies that offer such opportunities:

  • TSA jobs
  • DHS jobs
  • NSA jobs
  • FEMA jobs

By visiting each agency’s respective website you can find out more information about the types of positions available and specific job requirements. For example for The Department of Homeland Security jobs, on their website you can find particular information about federal law enforcement jobs. Applicants should also consider clearance level requirements as Top Secret clearance jobs for example require the lowest level hence are good for those interested in getting started on this career path.

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  4. This message is for the owner of this website (who I believe is Pat Flynn). I want to report an important content error:

    “There are presently three levels of clearance. They are as follow, from lowest to highest:

    1. Top Secret
    2. Secret
    3. Confidential”

    I am an Army veteran and currently a government contractor. The above statement is incorrect. Top Secret is the highest level of security clearance, and Secret is the next highest.

    I hope this helps.

    Cindy Dunn

  5. Thanks so much for this information on government security jobs! I think it is important for people who are interested in the security guard / security field to know all of their options for employment!

  6. I currently work in security and have for years. I was also teaching martial arts in my own dojo but now security has become my main job and I still teach part time. I have no write ups and I am a shift lead in my 40’s. Looking to get a clearance and get into government security for more pay and benefits. College degree also.

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