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Basic Security Guard Training Course Curriculum

Whether or not your state requires you to take a security guard training course before you apply for a position, you will eventually be trained in basic security guard knowledge and procedures.

The following will outline a curriculum or syllabus for a basic security guard training course:

Powers to Arrest

This covers the complete requirements and duties of a security guard associated to the arrest of someone. It will teach trainees how to successfully deal with an arrest situation, addressing matters which include escalation and de-escalation of force , legal ramifications in trespass and restraint procedures.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

This course familiarizes trainees with approaches for correctly looking for and reporting possible terrorist activities. Terrorism is researched, and various weapon types are talked about in order to equip security officers with the capacity to aid and take care of others in the case of a terrorist event.

Public Relations

Security guards are explained procedures to prevent stereotyping that borders on discrimination. This course instructs trainees appropriate behavior in reply to to discriminatory thinking in the job. They learn to recognize indications associated with aggression, substance mistreatment and psychological illness.

Observation and Documentation

Applicants master techniques of observation and patrol, yielding detailed report writing. They’re presented tips on how to ask relevant questions and determine symptoms of dubious activity.


This vital study course covers internal and external ways of communication for security officers. Trainees discover the appropriate application of radios and monitors for internal communications. When and just how to reach external support, such as the authorities, the fire department or paramedics and also various government services.

Liability and Legal

Students understand the legal implications of being employed as a security officer. Themes which include personal and employer liabilities are discussed. Individuals also analyze many different criminal, civil and administrative laws as they pertain to the job.

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