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Security Officers Vs Guards

Most would think that security guards and security officers are often the same person just under different titles. This is not accurate, because they work very different occupations. Both of share the same objective in their work, which is to keep something secure, or protect it. However, pay, responsibility, requirements, and level of experience can be quite different between the two.

Security guards, compared to officers, are rank the lowest of the chain. Usually, a security guard would work under the supervision of a security officer, and could enter the field with just minimal experience education. They may only have to pass basic fitness and intelligence tests. Thus making them earn less than a higher up officer. In addition, a security guard is usually positioned at one location to guard the small area, report any suspicious activity, and the less harmful task of offering information and advice to customers or visitors at public places like museums, retail stores, outdoor events, and more. Since these guys don’t typically have all the high tech and dangerous equipment, they are on the more friendly side of the spectrum. Some may not even have the clearance to arrest folks. While they are more friendly, that does not mean they can’t take you down.

Security officers are often the ones that shout orders to or manage a group of security guards, and usually watch over their operations. As they are trained more in depth. They will occasionally train recently employed security guards, since they will generally have more on the job experience. While they do enjoy a higher salary, they have many more responsibility and are required to have more education and industry experience than a guard. Some may even have to work longer hours. In addition, compared to a security guard, an officer is more mobile, and is not planted at one location. Some way ride on a Segway or other mode of transportation to travel farther distances. He or she may travel to many different places around the area to check on their team of guards and make sure everything is running smoothly.

All in all, a security officer and a security guard are both still very important jobs, and should be given to only the best trusted, licensed, and professional applicants. If you would like to learn more about these job descriptions search them up online or check out any security firm.

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