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Do You Need to Go to School to Become a Security Guard?

Many people wonder if there are any education requirements necessary before they can become a security guard. Typically, the only education required is a high school diploma, however continued education in a criminal justice or law enforcement field can definitely help.

Many local community colleges offer several courses in criminal justice, legal studies, homeland security and public safety that can help you when you apply for a job or are looking to increase your income. Also, there are a ton of places online that offer similar courses too. It is recommended that you first check with any potential employers before enrolling for any courses to see if they have any recommendations for you.

Besides taking a class, it may be more beneficial for you to decide to take a training course instead, such as an armed guard training course where you would learn how to carry and properly handle a gun, a pepper spray training course, or even a course on using a baton.

These types of courses will definitely help add to your resume and impress any potential employers, since they are directly related to the job that you will be hired for. Specifically, firearm training can be a mandatory requirement for some employers, and usually that means they will pay more.

Although you do have a lot of options, it is understandable if you are still a little confused about what you’re supposed to do. There is no right answer and know that in most cases, any education is good education, especially if you are able to learn more about your field of work and potentially become a better security guard as a result. If you really need some help, don’t be afraid to ask an experienced security guard what they think you should do.

To conclude, no – it is not absolutely required to go to school in order to become a security guard, however there are definitely benefits if you do, such as an increased wage and an easier time getting hired. Depending on the State that you live in, however, you may be required to take security guard training classes in order to become eligible to seek employment.

See the list of qualifies schools below, featuring Criminal Justice programs and other Security Services and Law Enforcement classes.

13 Responses to “Do You Need to Go to School to Become a Security Guard?”

  1. do you have to do law in order to become a security guard??

  2. Nope! Most states only require a high school degree or GED equivalent to become regular security guard. That said, a degree in law and/or criminal justice can help you land a higher paying, mre advanced security position.

  3. I don’t know you tell me

  4. loss prevention is what it’ll be called usually, unless you are working the desk at an office building entrance or condo building. this does not require any degree, just that you are physically able to stand up and walk around. If you are required to have a weapon for your position, that is when special certifications or licenses with training will be required. we do know an individual who spent a few years in “loss prevention” before and while attending law school who is now a prosecutor

  5. Outstanding article, thanks for the information, i am happy to hear that i do not need much schooling to become a security officer..

  6. Lets say you don’t have a high school diploma or a GED; are there any companies that provide education with training?

  7. @Yousif Some companies do not even require a high-school diploma. Here in Texas, to be a non-commissioned security officer one simply takes a 6 hour course and looks for a job. As for a commissioned security officer, or rather an armed one, it takes 40 hours for the “commissioned card.” Two additional hours for both OC spray and baton. Being a hired gun is an honest living with decent pay. You cannot go wrong with that.

  8. What if I’m currently on deffered adjudication probation? What are my chances then? Being 23 yrs old?

  9. Is there anywhere with specific training to become a security officer? Physical wise I mean to say? I do not feel they would hire someone that can only bench press 100lbs ..

  10. It is always advisable to have additional education. Most jobs/careers require report writing and other skills gained through education.

  11. Hi sir I know how to write and reading how to to speak English very well but i don’t have any education certificate so is con be possible for me to went to security guard training

  12. hi seeking instructors to help assit training online remote paid courses

  13. I want to go to school for security guard

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