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How Security Guards Protect and Serve Us Everyday

Security guards protect and serve every day using their skills in the security industry, their instincts and their natural bravery. People who work as security guards should not be regarded as something less than law enforcement officers because security guards are where everyone needs them to be at the right time. Some are standing at the front desk to help people who come through the door, and others are making rounds to make sure that people are alright.

Security Guards Look After Their Own

A security guard in an office building gets to know every single person who works in the building, and the guard knows the routine of everyone in the building. A security guard is often the first person to notice when something is not right, and lives have been saved because security guards just knew where their people were supposed to be.

Security guards also know all the people that are supposed to be in the building. Anyone who is not supposed to be there will be questioned, and the security guard can easily prevent people from entering the building or property when they should not. Again, this saves lives every day.

Security Guards Check Every Nook and Cranny

Security guards are willing to go the extra mile by checking every nook and cranny of a building to ensure that the people in it are safe. The security guards will discover problems with theft, and these same guards will discover problems with people who are misusing the facilities where they work. A security guard who is doing their job correctly will find people who stealing, people who are hiding in the building and people who are misusing the property

Security Guards Are Often Not Armed

Security guards do all this work at great personal risk because they are not armed in many cases. These guards know that they are doing hard jobs, but they are doing these jobs even though they do not have the sidearms that would protect them. Security guards are taking big risks by helping people, and they should be commended for their work.

Every security guard in America who is doing their job correctly is saving lives, helping people out of bad situations and making sure that people are where they should be. This attention to detail helps them protect and serve in many cases better than anyone with a badge every could.

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