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Essential Security Guard Gear

security gearDepending upon the type of post where you are assigned, your gear that your employer supplies for your position and other highly recommended gear will differ. The most important advice for any new security officer is to ensure that any gear that you bring to your job has the blessing of your employer.

One simple example is a psychiatric hospital. As the chief of security at a psychiatric facility, it would have not been considered appropriate by my employer that I carried pepper spray. The facility would have frowned upon the idea that officers would possibly spray a patient, even in a dangerous situation. Any gear that you bring, it is best to get prior approval. Many employers of security guards rightfully fear someone letting their gear go to their head and doing something over the top that could get the employer sued.

Employer-Issued Gear

Depending upon the type of site where you are working, you may be issued the following types of gear:

  • Your uniform
  • Two-way radios
  • Facility keys
  • Your badge and/or ID card
  • A firearm and holster
  • A duty belt that can hold your equipment
  • A watch clock or cell phone
  • A clipboard with logs to delineate the events of your shift

The watch clock is an older means of demonstrating to your employer that you are covering your rounds at the required times. There are keys that are found at different places in the facility. As you go about your rounds, you turn the key in the watch clock at each station, showing you have completed your full rounds. The printout from the watch clock will show at what time you visited each station on your rounds.

The practice of using watch clocks is giving way to the use of facility-issued cell phones and QR codes at different stations. As you go about your rounds, you hold the phone up to the QR code at the station. Often, such phones will show your employer where you are located in the facility at any given moment.

The nice thing about employer-issued cell phones is that you can quickly record a video or photo of any problem or disturbance for your employer, and it can be instantly transmitted to them in an emergency or an urgent situation. If you are not issued a cell phone, it would be best to carry your personal phone on you for these very purposes

Possible Employee-Discretion Items

Again, depending upon your post and your employer, you may need to add more to your gear in order to have a comfortable and safe shift. The following are some helpful and key items of gear that your employer will likely not provide.


As described by Security Guard Training Central, most firms require you to wear black boots or shoes. You need to have them neat and clean. Look for comfort, so you won’t be in pain if you are on your feet for a long time. If you are security for a logging operation out in the field, or for a construction site, you may be required to have black boots or shoes have steel toes. Such shoes are actually easier to find than you think because many employers require steel-toed shoes.


If you are not from a cold climate, you may not be aware that the largest loss of heat in your body is through your head. You will stay warmer in the evening, or even in the day, when you either have an outdoor post or outdoor rounds in a chilly location and you wear a warm hat. The Department of Homeland Security suggests a fake-fur trooper hat.


A bomber-style, security guard jacket is one of your best investments, if you are posted outdoors or do outdoor rounds when it is chilly. Often, your employer will not have any issues with such a jacket, as long as you keep it neat and clean.

Warm Gloves

If you are in a chillier environment, you will need some warm gloves. Depending upon the temperature, you might need woolen gloves for warmth above 40 degrees or leather, insulated gloves in temperatures closer to freezing. Black is your best bet because it will go with your uniform.

Long Underwear

These days, you can get quality, performance long underwear that is warmer than the typical cotton long underwear found in the stores. A really good source of quality long underwear is Cabela’s. They sell military-spec long underwear.


Most any employer won’t mind if you have at least a small Maglight, and possibly even a large one, on your duty belt. It is safer to opt for a small one, unless you ask your employer in advance. You will need a belt holder for the light as well.

A big tip is that the new LED lights tend to go much easier on batteries than the Maglights and have the power today that Maglights do. Also, the LED light bulbs last almost forever, but Maglight bulbs go out at times when it might be a problem for you.

Latex Gloves

The San Francisco Chronicle suggests that, if you might be called upon to touch someone, such as a patient or a suspect, it is good to carry a holder and a few pairs of latex gloves. This will keep you and the person you are touching safe from bodily fluids.


If your employer has not issued these, do not come to work with handcuffs and a holder for your duty belt unless you have prior approval. Many places do not want security guards to have these, unless they have been issued to them.


Like the handcuffs, if your employer did not issue it to you, you will likely not be approved for wearing a baton on your duty belt. Some states have restrictions against security guards carrying batons.

Other gear suggested by the Department of Homeland Security includes:

  • A key keeper for your duty belt
  • An ammo case, if you are armed, and body armor
  • Rain slicker

Allied Universal Security Services: Overview, Jobs & Training

Allied Universal Security Services has a long history in the security industry in the USA. Founded in 1957 in Pennsylvania, the company has been providing its expertise in the security services for many industries ranging from Education and Healthcare to Manufacturing and Oil & Gas. Allied Universal employs more than 60,000 people in 120 different offices and currently has security contracts with 200 of the fortune 500 companies.

Allied Universal has become a success due to their approach. They attribute their success to a mixture of their approach in development, top training programs and employee engagement programs while nurturing the client relationship by providing the customer a customized security package that fits their needs be it budgetary or safety.

The company also customizes the way they approach account management by providing account managers on site or by using their Client Value management. Allied Universal also leverages their national security support network to provide the best local support for its clients through additional staff and resources should the need arise.

Allied Universal Training

Allied Universal believes that providing quality training provides quality employees as such. In fact, no Allied Universal employee can begin their career at the company without first undergoing through the training program. The preparation ensures that the employee is able to provide the highest level of service to any existing or future customer always.

Dubbed Allied Universal EDGE (Educate, Develop, Grow & Engage), the training program according to Allied Universal is described as:

  • Convenient : This ensures that officers and managers alike have accessible information at all times through various methods of teaching like:
    • eLearning Modules : If you prefer self-study in personal time, Allied Universal’s modules can be found online and include reading materials as well as videos & podcasts.
    • Classroom Instruction : For employees and candidates that prefer a mentor, the company hires trainers and teachers that have previous experience
    • Formalized On-the-job Training: Experience is the number one teacher, having a well-trained officer as a supervisor and mentor speeds up the training while also training the officer on the proper customer service for their specific client.
  • Compliant: Using evaluations and reports, the company makes sure that its future and current employees have been trained properly
  • Dedicated training community network: This network of employees creates a friendly environment for inquiries and discussion that can further an employee’s knowledge for the security industry
  • Customized: Certain industries have much stricter rules and regulation or require different skill sets from the security officer, a customized training program ensures that the guard is prepared for any issues while dealing with their responsibility in the correct fashion.

Allied Universal Careers

Screening Process

To ensure Allied Universal Security Services jobs are filled by the most competent people, the candidates must go through a screen process which includes:

  • Background Checks: Done by a third party
  • Drug Testing: Allied Universal maintains a drug free work environment
  • Interview: This will be done in person to ensure the candidate has the correct social, communication skills as well as personality
  • Training Program: after completing the Allied Universal training program, Master Security Office Level One, you must pass the exam


After passing the background check, drug test and the training program created by the company, you will be asked for Allied Universal jobs. The Allied Universal job application process might require certain qualifications before selected:

  • Experience: Some Allied Universal Security Services jobs requires that the applicant have experience be it from military or previous security jobs
  • Age: 18 or above depending on the contractual requirements
  • Education: A High school diploma or a GED is required, if you don’t possess either, five years of previous work experience is enough
  • Social: Providing the best customer service during the job requires the officer to be social and approachable
  • Team-player: Some Allied Universal Security Services jobs might team you up with other people, being able to work in a team could add to your chances of being hired
  • Communication skills: Being able to express yourself correctly is very important for a security guard be it during verbal encounters or while writing reports
  • Attendance: Being always on-time and with a perfect attendance lets the company and client know that you are a dependable asset
  • Appearance : Appearance is very important for security guards because it lends them the credibility they require to perform their job properly
  • Customer Service: Being able to serve and protect the client efficiently and professionally is a vital requirement and part of the company’s core approach to its business
  • Crisis Management: As a security guard, you will be the first point of contact during an emergency. Knowing what to do during times of intense pressure is of utmost important


To be a leader in the security industry and maintain its excellent work staff, Allied Universal offers its employees the following benefits:

  • 401(k) Plans: the company contributes up to 75% depending on the employee’s seniority and experience to ensure the security officer ensures a proper retirement
  • Employee Relations Managers : Using experienced managers, the company ensures its employees are content with their work while maintaining the compliance policy set by the company
  • Medical Benefits : Being a security guard is a physically taxing job which requires a plan that is both comprehensive as well as affordable
  • Free Life Insurance
  • Performance Incentives : Incentives keep employees content, boosts their loyalty while making sure they continue their excellent performance with high morale

Military Veterans

If you have served your country and are returning from active duty, there are many Allied Universal Security Services careers for you. The establishment prides itself with its award winning Hire Our Heroes program which highlights the importance of hiring veterans. Allied Universal prefers hiring military and makes it one of its key tenets because of the following:

  • They are team players
  • They are punctual
  • They are loyal.
  • They are already well trained with firearms and combat arts by some of the best combat specialists in the world
  • They have passed various security checks

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Security Guard to Police Officer – Career Path


If you are already working as a security guard you are heading in the right direction. It takes more than guarding inmates and testifying in court to make a police officer. To go from one position to the next, it takes more education and a lot more training.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what it takes to make the transition from one to the other.

1) The degree. Some states look for extensive college work, others do not. Some states only look to a high school level education. In order to go further, you need to do more.
Your main goal is to approach it from the criminal justice or police science point of view. This is going to be your bread and butter, so this needs to be your focus. If you are going to go to college, a criminal justice degree is going to be very beneficial. You could also go the police science route or some other related field.

2) Your next step is to build up your physical endurance. You are going to need strength to get through the job. Look at how often you exercise or hit the gym. Speak with some other police officers in your area. Find out what these guys recommend.
Is there something more that you can do?

You will have to chase down people on a regular basis. This requires you to be an athlete on many levels. Are you already an athlete? This will only help to improve your chances.

3) Any kind of foreign language classes will also be good. Police officers deal with different cultures on a regular basis. Being able to speak the language will be helpful. People put more faith in police officers who understand what they are saying, where they come from. Consider taking a class or two at night. It will also come in handy when dealing with people outside of the job.

4) One of the final steps involves submitting an application. If you are one of the chosen few, you will need to go through academy training. Police training is much different than security guard training. Security guard training only gives out the basics. Police training takes the basics and extends the knowledge to the next level.

The training will be about 14 weeks. It will require both on-the-job work and classroom time. This classroom training goes above and beyond what you learned in college in your criminal justice or police science class.


Once you have done all of this, you are just beginning. You will have to participate in ongoing education. You will also need to push yourself out on the field. The best way to work your way up is to prove yourself.

Are you excited about the prospects of becoming a police officer? Click on the link below. Here you will find detailed information on how to get started.

Basic Overview of a Job as a Security Guard – Job Duties and Responsibilities

Security is an important decision for any individual considering it as a job path. For many it is a rewarding and satisfying occupation. Many find pride in helping businesses keep citizens, properties and goods safe. While it is a field with many possibilities, it’s best to also consider the wide range of responsibilities and duties, along with training necessary to effectively do the job.

Consider the type of employment settings, and hazardous situations security guards work under. Also consider primary responsibilities, the need for safety awareness, firearm training, monitoring properties, and being involved in potentially dangerous situations. Security guards often monitor and protect businesses, such as apartment complexes, shopping centers, industrial complexes, offices, and hospitals.

Security Guard Responsibilities

Their responsibilities range from physically patrolling properties, buildings, and investigating any suspicious individuals, to completing paperwork, communicating with property owners and managers, police, fire departments, and emergency personnel. Responding to alarms and camera monitoring systems, as well as apprehending and conducting citizen arrests is also the responsibility of security officers. Checking monitoring systems, replacing broken parts, reporting damages to property owners, or checking identification of individuals is also the duty of security.

Because officers work in a wide range of business situations they may have other responsibilities as well. For instance, some officers work at financial institutions, and armored guard locations, or jewelry stores, where high sums of money or expensive merchandise is kept, and is only transported in armored vehicles. In this situation, guards are normally armed, with bullet proof vests, and transport high volumes of money from one location to another, or accompany those that do. It is a potentially dangerous job, with the threat of armed robberies, and potentially life threatening situations.

Officers are also responsible for keeping all safety gear in proper order, and being prepared for dangerous situations. They should know the grounds and layout of the property, investigate possible entry and exit points, and know areas where criminals could potentially hide. Knowledge of this not only keeps guards safe, but keeps properties and expensive goods from robbery and damage. It also protects the innocent from violent crime.

There may also be conditions in which guards may apprehend suspects, or secure criminals until the arrival of the police officers. This may be necessary in situations involving robberies, vandalism, and violent crime. Individuals trained in security can easily apprehend individuals, and know the proper procedures for dealing with crime.

Executive Protection Training Curriculum Cheat Sheet

Most potential students who want to become certified in Executive Protection Training, don’t know what to expect to pass their training. Below we have compiled a list of what to expect when you attend a class similar to what offers. You can expect this to just cover on the tip of the iceberg when your going threw the certification process.

Basic Prerequisites to enroll in a Executive Training Protection Class

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • United States citizen or resident alien
  • No felony convictions or misdemeanors associated with violence (which includes domestic), drugs ( use or sale), theft or fraud in the last 5 years
  • Good moral character
  • Submit (2) recent passport type photo (one inch by one inch)
  • Submit fingerprint cards (2)
  • Certified copy of criminal background history for the last 48 months

Other Requirements that May Be Helpful:

  • Good Communication skills
  • Good physical conditioning
  • Be able to stand long periods of time

Prepare and Clear Out Your Schedule

Depending on where your taking your executive protection training times will vary. Some institutions offer a week long seminar where you can rapidly become certified. Other local colleges may offer a semester style course. That being said please be prepared to take into consideration the time requirements it takes to pass your class. Also take into account the continuous learning that is involved out of class like homework, research on your own, and general interest in this field, are things you need to have to become successful.

Be prepared to know a vast array of security training topics

Most potential candidates don’t realize the vast amount of knowledge needed to pass a certification. At most training facilities you will cover over 15 topics like but not limited to:

  • Principles of executive protection
  • Case studies
  • DCJS Regulations
  • Threat Assessment and Vulnerabilities
  • Applicable laws and regulations
  • Legal Authority & Civil Code
  • Advances, surveys, preparation, planning and exercise
  • and much more

You will need to bring your own gear

Most students don’t realize just like going to any school or university you will need to (BYOT) Bring Your Own Things. The most common items students forget to bring are:

  • Business Casual clothing for each day of the training
  • Rain gear, and clothing appropriate for training defense tactics
  • A Laptop and either a camera or a camera phone that can take clear photos

Be sure to have your lodging prepared before hand
Make sure to ask the facility where your training what they recommend for lodging. Often times they will have the best pricing on Lodging package for your Executive Training Seminar. Also verify if food will be provided during your stay at the recommend lodging areas.

Ready to get started?

At Security Guard Training HQ we can help you get started in your journey in becoming certified.

How to write a great security guard cover letter

Each year there are different strategies to use for applying for work in security. It doesn’t matter what the field or industry. Employers searching for security guards want to see cover letters and resumes that are both concise and informative. These are documents that serve as an introduction to employers and interviewers. The information provided on a cover letter, for example, should be designed to spark interest in the applicant overall.

There are strategies when it comes to the appearance of the cover letter. Finding out what trends are effective is essential before putting this document together. Decades ago, it was normal for applicants to write lengthy paragraphs on their cover letter. Today, it is expected for this letter to be one page in totality. This means using the most important information without being too wordy. Your goal must be to interest employers and lead them to your resume, which shows your security guard qualifications.

Select a Snippet of Current Responsibilities

Your cover letter should include a snippet of your current responsibilities are at work. Even if your position doesn’t relate directly to becoming a security guard this information is important. This particular field is quite diverse and covers a variety of areas as described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Security guards can be found at virtually any building or shopping center in the country.

Many buildings in a business district stay open 24 hours a day, which requires security. Any responsibilities that you perform that are relevant can be shared. It is important to remember that this is a brief document. This means being strategic in what is displayed so that it reflects well on you as an applicant.

Showcase an Accomplishment

Since cover letters are supposed to be short in length there is a bit of orchestration involved with developing it. In some instances, applicants will design a document that leads with one or two of their major accomplishments. These don’t need to be related to working in security but should show your diverse abilities.

Employers are willing in most cases to train new hires to perform the jobs they are hired for. Some security firms have their own internal requirements which must be taught onsite. The accomplishments that are shown on the cover letter can be from a current position or a previous one. Showing leadership skills and initiative is what these accomplishments need to reflect.

Highlight Transferrable Skills

security guard cover letterTransferrable skills are essential no matter what type of position you are interested in. These are skills that you have gained through academic experience. They also include those picked up from each of your previous positions. Highlighting these is critical to show that you have experience working in various roles. This is a way to demonstrate that you can and will work in other capacities when necessary.

According to Forbes, private security positions currently outnumber those of police officers globally. This shows the importance of security guards and relevant roles. It is easy to see why these are competitive positions to qualify for. Using your cover letter and resume effectively means highlighting all of your skills in a favorable way. Remember the cover letter is designed to make employers want to know more.

Ask for the Interview

One of the most popular details of any cover letter is the final paragraph. This is often the briefest section of the document. Here is where applicants have the opportunity to speak directly to the reader. In most cases, this will be someone in HR or an interviewer. Taking the time to essentially ask for the interview may seem straightforward.

Along with providing information about yourself and your professional history, these documents have to perform on your behalf. Submitting them for available positions is not the only way to show your interest in working for an employer. Sharing your willingness to meet and discuss your desire to benefit the company is critical. This might be the difference between making a good impression or a great one.

There are many resources out there that teach applicants the process of designing these professional documents. Some show a step-by-step way to develop a good cover letter to submit with a resume. You will also discover that there are companies that will do the work for you. These require a fee and come with a variety of additional services. The design process is up to you but should be done with a purpose.

Can I become a Security Guard Online?

become a security guard onlineA security guard is a career that is very interesting and many people choose to seek. With this job come man duties, but their main duty is to protect people and the property they are assigned to look after. You will usually see a security guard in uniform, making it easy to pick them out of a crowd. They generally monitor activities and or functions to make sure that the event flowing as it should, and nobody is being destructive. Their primary duty is to prevent crime and to act if a crime has been conducted. There are many factors and duties that are a requirement by a security officer and most wonder how do they become a security guard?
There are many training courses that a person can take in order to become a security guard. One of the most convenient ways to obtain certification is through an online training course. Most individuals are required to work normal jobs and take care of their families so it’s super convenient for them to be able to take their online courses and complete the training that way.
There are numerous accredited companies out there that allow an individual to become certified. There are different courses that are available as well, with different hours of completion. The classes cover your basic information and allow the individual to take it at their own pace, making it even easier to complete the class.
A simple google search will send you to pages of accredited companies, and will also offer their pricing options so you can take a look and decide which one will work best for you. Most of the certifications fulfill the Bureau of Investigative Services as long as you’re hired within six months of completion. With the ability to take these courses online allow you to be able to complete the courses are your own time, which can be very essential to a super busy individual that wants to fulfill their dreams as a security guard. They training is affordable and fairly quick, so you can most likely get started right away. The faster you do, the faster you complete the course and take action in the field.

Hotel Security Jobs

The main objective of the hotel security professional is to protect the guests and other employees. Secondly, he or she keeps guard on guests belongings and hotel property.
Security officers may be asked to take part in formal training sessions or just to train on the job. These rules depend on the hotels’ policy and/or the state laws.

Main Hotel Security Everyday Tasks Include:

Keeping the General Order
As a hotel security guard, you will be in charge of enforcing hotel’s regulations. That means informing guests if they have parked in a restricted zone, checking the guests age for access to the hotel bar, making sure minors are supervised by an adult in lifts and swimming pools etc.

Escorting Guests
If the hotel has a bar or nightclub venue, it’s likely some customers are under the influence and they might become aggressive. If that happens, the security guard might have to force the guest out, escort him outside or alternatively ask the police to intervene.
If the hotel doesn’t provide a valet parking service, at night time guests often ask to be escorted to their car.

Patrols and Surveillance
Security officers have to stay alert at all times to watch out for any abnormal situations that might occur. That requires patrolling the premises: hallways, staircases, parking lots and lobbies.
Some hotels provide a stationary location for security personnel, with video monitoring equipment. In that case, guards are responsible for watching the footage to catch out any unusual or illegal activity.

Writing Reports
After each shift, a written report is requested, logging all the routine security operations. Each unusual event has to be described and each customer complaint has to be addressed. Hotels might use a traditional system with the reports written by hand, but mostly it’s all computer based.

Emergency Management
Depending on a hotel, security personnel may be in charge of managing the evacuation of the premises. In an instance of a fire drill or a false alarm, they inform the guests and calm them down if necessary.

Where to Find Hotel Security Jobs?

Major hotel chains are usually recruiting via an online application system. Check their websites and look for ‘careers’ section. Local hotels often have vacancies, but do not advertise them – do not hesitate to call up or go to the hotel in person to offer your services.

Alternatively, check out our Security Guard Jobs section to find job offers in your area.

Hotel Security Salary and What to Expect

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics*, the average wage of a hotel security guard is $29,150 per annum ($14.01 per hour). Most hotel security jobs are available in California, where you can expect an average pay of $27,600 a year. New York state pays the most with the salary of circa $31k. The industry is likely to keep on growing, especially in sought after, tourist and business-friendly locations.


Top 10 Security Guard Companies in World

global security companiesWe live in tumultuous and sometimes dangers times. Strife around the world has opened a huge demand for security. Private security companies have stepped up by offering affordable options for individuals and organizations to have themselves and their assets protected.

With high amounts of sophistication and organization, these are the top 10 security guard companies you can find throughout the world.

1. The Brink’s Company

Brink’s is one of the leading private security agencies in America. It’s also been around for a very long time. In fact, Brink’s was founded in 1859.

This company serves customers in over 100 countries while employing well over 134,000 professionals. Currently, The Brink’s Company is most known for managing cash with a huge fleet of armored vehicles serving banks, mints, governments and other institutions.

It’s sister company, Brink’s Home Security brings in about 15% of the company’s overall revenue every year.

2. CACI International Inc.

CACI’s tagline reads “Ever Vigilant.” They offer most of their services to the United States Government, including homeland security, defense, intelligence and healthcare.

The company has in excess of 19,000 employees throughout the globe. In 2017, CACI generated an impressive revenue stream of about $4.35 billion. This puts it at the top of the list among private security companies based in the US.

3. Control Risks

This is a globally known private security company based in London. Control Risks specializes in many niche ops such as:

  • eDiscovery
  • Risk and strategic consulting
  • Anti-corruption audits/training
  • Political risk analysis

Control Risks can be found operating in 36 countries. Its main focus is on providing large companies with feet on the ground, intelligence and expertise that’s locally based.

4. GardaWorld

GardaWorld touts itself as a way to guard “clients in complex and ever-changing markets.” It’s based in Canada and started up in 1995.

They currently employ over 62,000 people across the globe. GardaWorld specializes in armored car services and security guard services all over the world. They process almost $5 billion every day through a cash management partnership with Bank of America. They work in over 140 countries across four continents.

5. DynCorp

DynCorp was founded in 1946. They started the business focused on aviation, then later re-tooled into a military contractor.

  • Currently, DynCorp offers a wide array of services including:
  • Intelligence support and training
  • Flight ops support
  • Security and contingency operations

A full 96% of DynCorp’s annual $3 billion revenue comes directly from the United States government.

6. Allied Universal

Allied began in Pittsburgh in 1957. They launched as a full-service security guard services outfit. In 2016, they merged with Universal Services of America and AlliedBarton, and are considered a premier private security company in the world today.

Allied’s staff consists of over 55,000 people. Their revenue in 2017 topped $5.3 billion.

7. ADT Inc.

ADT is an undisputed security company leader in the US. It was founded in the year 1874. Today, ADT is the leader in security and alarm services in the US.

They used to be known as ADT Corporation before they were acquired by Apollo Global Management for a whopping $6.9 billion in 2016.

ADT is a very profitable company and boasts over 6.5 million clients throughout the world.

8. Securitas AB

Securitas AB began in Stockholm, Sweden in 1934. They are a pioneer among the most influential security companies in the private sector.

Securitas has more than 300,000 employees throughout 55 different countries. They’re well-known for:

  • Consulting
  • Monitoring
  • Chartered investigations

During the fiscal year of 2017-18, they had revenue in excess of 91 Swedish Krona.

9. G4S Plc.

G4S is located in Crawley, England. It employs upwards of 600,000 pros around the globe. It’s a private security agency that touts itself as “the world’s leading global security and outsourcing group.”

In 2017 G4S had revenues exceeding 7.8 billion pounds.

10. International Intelligence Limited

This is yet another British firm. They focus on investigations and counter-espionage.

Somewhat recently founded in 2002, it was started by Alex Bomberg who worked as an aide to the British Royal Family.

International Intelligence Limited offers services such as:

  • Technical surveillance
  • Private investigations
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Counter-espionage services
  • Technical surveillance counter-measures

They have sucessfully operated in the private, corporate and government sectors.

There Are Your Top Ten

These ten are the best security companies operating around the world. There’s a lot that can be learned by studying the details of their operations.

Standard Security Guard Employee Handbook Overview

There are many responsibilities pertaining to a security guard position. For starters, a security guard must display high integrity, vigilance, and the ability to respond quickly when things go awry. However, there are many more responsibilities and duties that a security guard must attend to that will help ensure they are top quality. To get a better understanding in regards to the matter, we will discuss the standard security guard employee handbook.

security guard employee handbook overview

As a security guard, you are expected to help make each work day as rewarding and satisfying as possible. This means you must know your duties and attend to them without needing instruction. It is also important to listen to as well as communicate with management on a daily basis. You must adhere to all policies such as the Clean Air Act, and random drug testing is a common practice of most companies. As an employee of any security guard company you are responsible for keeping track of the hours you work; this applies to both full-time and part-time employees.

It is important to adhere to the dress code. If you are supplied with a uniform, then it is necessary to ensure you present a good company image, this applies to any employee who is not issued a uniform as well. Make sure your clothes are always clean, wrinkle free, and up to the standard of the job.

A great security guard will know important phone numbers such as, the head office, line manager, and the duty mobile area for the guard’s specific location. Some companies may require a license, however, many companies offer training and will help you to receive proper licensing prior to starting your career. Your training will vary based upon the security guard position you are working towards. For instance, there are different training programs for armed guards, unarmed guards, and basic guard cards.

As a security guard, it is essential to follow all of the rules mandated by state, federal, and company policy. For example, every workplace has enacted a sexual harassment policy, and most companies require random drug testing to help ensure they are only employing the best of the best. To best represent your company, it is important to refrain from smoking, chewing gum, using foul language, or putting your hands in your pockets. Remember, you are representing a company that is meant to protect others, not create chaos. It is also important that you do not appear too flashy with accessories such as grills or over sized glasses.

In regards to your personal demeanor, it is pertinent to always stay calm. This will help ensure that you stay focused as well as keep order when you must react to a situation. Often times, when tensions run high it is easy to get caught up in the moment; however, while you are on duty it is important to maintain your composure and focus.

If you see anything that is hazardous or causes a safety threat, then it is important to inform your supervisor as soon as possible. If your supervisor is not available, then it is important to inform someone of a higher authority that can help to remedy the situation. In regards to personal injuries, it is necessary to inform your supervisor immediately.

Most companies adhere to a confidentiality agreement, therefore, you must not discuss anything you see or hear with anyone outside of the company. If you do discuss items such as training manuals, employee lists, or site lists, then you may be subject to legal action. To ensure the safety of everyone, you should never discuss company matters with the press.

Serving the role of a security guard is a privilege, and your performance must always be of the highest standard. Do not allow yourself to slack on the job or you may face termination. If you do not carry yourself in a respectable manner, then you can not expect any employer to give you an opportunity to protect and serve the public. After all, you are an extension of their services, and no company is willing to let their good name be destroyed by an unruly security guard.