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Standard Security Guard Employee Handbook Overview

There are many responsibilities pertaining to a security guard position. For starters, a security guard must display high integrity, vigilance, and the ability to respond quickly when things go awry. However, there are many more responsibilities and duties that a security guard must attend to that will help ensure they are top quality. To get a better understanding in regards to the matter, we will discuss the standard security guard employee handbook.

security guard employee handbook overview

As a security guard, you are expected to help make each work day as rewarding and satisfying as possible. This means you must know your duties and attend to them without needing instruction. It is also important to listen to as well as communicate with management on a daily basis. You must adhere to all policies such as the Clean Air Act, and random drug testing is a common practice of most companies. As an employee of any security guard company you are responsible for keeping track of the hours you work; this applies to both full-time and part-time employees.

It is important to adhere to the dress code. If you are supplied with a uniform, then it is necessary to ensure you present a good company image, this applies to any employee who is not issued a uniform as well. Make sure your clothes are always clean, wrinkle free, and up to the standard of the job.

A great security guard will know important phone numbers such as, the head office, line manager, and the duty mobile area for the guard’s specific location. Some companies may require a license, however, many companies offer training and will help you to receive proper licensing prior to starting your career. Your training will vary based upon the security guard position you are working towards. For instance, there are different training programs for armed guards, unarmed guards, and basic guard cards.

As a security guard, it is essential to follow all of the rules mandated by state, federal, and company policy. For example, every workplace has enacted a sexual harassment policy, and most companies require random drug testing to help ensure they are only employing the best of the best. To best represent your company, it is important to refrain from smoking, chewing gum, using foul language, or putting your hands in your pockets. Remember, you are representing a company that is meant to protect others, not create chaos. It is also important that you do not appear too flashy with accessories such as grills or over sized glasses.

In regards to your personal demeanor, it is pertinent to always stay calm. This will help ensure that you stay focused as well as keep order when you must react to a situation. Often times, when tensions run high it is easy to get caught up in the moment; however, while you are on duty it is important to maintain your composure and focus.

If you see anything that is hazardous or causes a safety threat, then it is important to inform your supervisor as soon as possible. If your supervisor is not available, then it is important to inform someone of a higher authority that can help to remedy the situation. In regards to personal injuries, it is necessary to inform your supervisor immediately.

Most companies adhere to a confidentiality agreement, therefore, you must not discuss anything you see or hear with anyone outside of the company. If you do discuss items such as training manuals, employee lists, or site lists, then you may be subject to legal action. To ensure the safety of everyone, you should never discuss company matters with the press.

Serving the role of a security guard is a privilege, and your performance must always be of the highest standard. Do not allow yourself to slack on the job or you may face termination. If you do not carry yourself in a respectable manner, then you can not expect any employer to give you an opportunity to protect and serve the public. After all, you are an extension of their services, and no company is willing to let their good name be destroyed by an unruly security guard.

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