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Welcome to Security Guard Training Headquarters! We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as a security guard officer. State specific training requirements, a step-by-step hiring process, potential employers and interviews to help you get hired are just some of the helpful things you'll find here.

Top 10 Security Guard Companies in World

We live in tumultuous and sometimes dangers times. Strife around the world has opened a huge demand for security. Private security companies have stepped up by offering affordable options for individuals and organizations to have themselves and their assets protected. With high amounts of sophistication and organization, these are the top 10 security guard companies […]

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Tips for Security Guards That Want to Ask for a Raise

So, you’ve been at the same company for a while and you haven’t gotten your first raise yet?  You’re thinking it might be the right time.  But how do you go about it?  What can you do to increase the chances that they say, yes?  There are some things that will increase your chances of […]

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Top 8 Ways to be a Great Security Guard

Being a security guard is an important job and you should take pride in it. You should strive to be the best security guard that you should be.  If you want to be great at your security guard job, here are 8 tips: 1. Know your manuals by heart.  You should be familiar with the […]

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How to Handle Yourself as a Security Guard Under Pressure

Every security guard comes under pressure at some point in time.  It might be pressure to do better at your job, to get a raise, or to eliminate behaviors at the job site.  No matter what kind of pressure you are under, you need to learn how to manage it so that it does not […]

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How to be a Respected Security Guard

Security guards have had to fight against the stereotypes that have been presented in movies.  In the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Kevin James plays a security guard that really wanted to be a police officer and his awkward ways did nothing to change the stereotypes.   So, what can security guards do to combat those […]

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What’s the Point of a Security Guard Furthering their Education?

Continuing your education no matter what your career of choice is is always a smart move. Education plays a monumental role in our society today, and there are many advantages to having a degree. One day you may choose to leave the field of security guard all together. You will have something to take with […]

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What Qualities are Best to Have as a Security Guard

Not All Personalities are Suited to Become Security Guards Not all personalities will make a great security guard. A good example of a personality that would not make a decent security guard is someone who is never serious. A person who makes a joke out of anything and everything they do would not make a […]

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What is the Difference of How a Security Guard is Hired?

Many things will vary depending on how a security guard is hired. A security guard can be hired by an agency that specifically represents security guards, directly by a business, hired through a government agency or another organization. Depending how they are hired, they could earn more or less and carry less benefits. Security Guard […]

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Typical Job Duties of a Security Guard Hired to Guard a Business Establishment

Most jobs in the security business have similar job duties because their main goal is to guard something. That something could be a person, a business, property, or even an item of value. Here are some of the most common job duties a security guard will be asked to perform. Access Control A security guard’s […]

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Developing Your Career in Security

So you have done the training and become a fully-fledged Security Guard. But what are the options for career progression within the industry? I actually began my career as a bus boy cleaning the floor in a nightclub before working my way up to Security Guard, Supervisor, Manager and I am currently head of the […]

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