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What is the Difference of How a Security Guard is Hired?

Many things will vary depending on how a security guard is hired. A security guard can be hired by an agency that specifically represents security guards, directly by a business, hired through a government agency or another organization. Depending how they are hired, they could earn more or less and carry less benefits.

Security Guard Agencies

Agencies that employ security guards and then place them in different businesses often are the lowest paying jobs in security. Agencies often offer lower wages, fewer benefits, and more responsibility. The benefits of going through a security guard agency when looking for a job is that it is common that they have several vacancies. There are agencies that are in charge of screening and hiring perspective security guards for businesses. Businesses like using agencies so that they do not have to screen new employees or conduct background checks on them. Agencies will perform security clearance, and possible drug testing on their employees to make sure their clients get a decent security guard. Security guards justify the lower wages when working through an agency because they are often found jobs quicker than if they had done it on their own.

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Direct Hire

If a security guard is hired directly by a business they will usually receive higher earnings, and more benefits than if they had been hired by a security agency. Businesses hire security guards all the time, so it is possible to be hired by a business. There are some different factors that a business might look for, that an agency does not. An agency is seeking to hire as many guards as possible and get them working quickly. Whether or not their personality fits in the business, most agencies would not know because they do not work in those businesses. When being hired directly by a company often there are several applicants for one job, so the security guards are up against many people.

Government Agency

Being hired through a government agency is another way a security guard could be hired. Government jobs often require an applicant to take a written test as well as have specific qualifications. A governmental job will have a comprehensive security clearance that an applicant will need to pass. Many times a government role will pay higher and offer more benefits than businesses.

Other Organizations

Other organizations could hire security guards. Other organizations might include private colleges or universities, churches, to protect a person, or apartment complexes. These organizations can often be competitive in wages and benefits as other direct hires. Jobs become available all the time in all different types of organizations.

5 Responses to “What is the Difference of How a Security Guard is Hired?”

  1. Sir/Madam

    I’m Michael Carangan Filipino citizen,I would like to ask if they have posible job for me as a armed guard

    Michael Carangan

  2. The industry at least in Florida is nothing but cut throat being about 300 firms are licensed in this state and they all are trying to get contracts. The problem is that due to this companies themselves have degraded what security guard work was meant to be in regards to keeping an eye on property and people. Many in fact from around the country come to Florida for its “right-to-work-or-be-fired” work theme. In Florida the pay is peckish if not absurd with little or no benefits to speak of. Traditional guard work is being tainted with extra none related work i.e. the politically correct word “valued added services” in order to get the client to sign off. I see it everywhere here security guards doing things not related to the job at all from cleaning out fleet vehicles (they are supposed to be watching over) to delivering mail and packages (so who’s watching the lobby or front door?) and the list goes on. Why hire a firm that pays its people 12.00 and hour that does nothing but security when you can hire the other firm that pays 9.25 and hour and get the guards to do other stuff. An unwritten rule here seems to be “hey-work-or-go-someplace-else” attitude and they can do that. It seems to be also an acceptation that the rotating door of turn around is an expected. I worked for G4S aka Wackenhut for 26 years and made very good money but when the firm opened a few offices in Florida I decided to follow. That was a mistake and now I’m making 10.25 and doing things I never did before. I plan on moving back once things settle or go back to being a bagger at Publix at least there respect was constant and you where treated like a person. These companies are the very term of cheap labor here in because Florida is the cheap labor state and I fear is becoming nation wide for an industry that should be what it was meant to be’ security not armed paperboy slash mail carrier and custodian. JMHO yours butts out there. Neo

  3. sir

    i am working with g4s but my salary is very less help me .

  4. It sure got me when you said that government agencies require the applicants to take exams to prove that they are qualified for the job and that they often pay higher. That is good to know though, I am not sure if the company that my boss is eyeing is a government agency. She is the one who will decide. But anyway, the firm doesn’t need to be heavily guarded anyway as it is fairly small. Whatever she chooses is probably the best choice.

  5. I work for a security company in florida as an armed guard for a preschool. Now, the owner of the school wants to hire me directly. Can he do that?

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