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What’s the Point of a Security Guard Furthering their Education?

Continuing your education no matter what your career of choice is is always a smart move. Education plays a monumental role in our society today, and there are many advantages to having a degree. One day you may choose to leave the field of security guard all together. You will have something to take with you if you do.

Security guards in most areas do not need any kind of degree. Some can start with just a high school diploma, but the more education you have, the better job opportunities you will qualify for. Once you become a security guard it is best to continue your education by pursuing your ability to Bare arms. Becoming an armed guard will also open up new opportunities for you, and the pay will increase.

If you have an associate’s degree, you will be eligible for more jobs in different areas of security work. Some people would love to work for the federal government in homeland security. There are some job opportunities to people who have an associate’s degree in homeland security. Making sure that the immigration laws are enforced and that the people coming and leaving the country are not a threat to the rest of the citizens. Obtaining an associate’s degree will also be a brilliant idea in case you want to go into law enforcement. In order to be a surveillance officer, or obtain a position in management you must hold an associate’s degree.

Security guards that continue their education to get their bachelor’s degrees are also broadening their spectrum of job opportunities! As a security guard with a bachelor’s degree, not only will the opportunities increase but so will the salary. Many security guards go on to different areas within the security field. Some may seek employment in investigations, while others may prefer to go into law enforcement. When you complete your bachelor’s degree your employment opportunities are unlimited.

Other opportunities for security guards, who hold a degree, are jobs within corrections, immigration, customs agents and the police force. Salaries can double depending upon what area of security you would like to continue in. The opportunities for security guards change with the level of education, and that is why it is crucial to always continue your education.

The ideal career path as a security guard would start with seeking the ability to Bare arms. Follow through with any security clearance you will need, as well as the required hours needed of training in order to Bare arms. Then you should go onto your associate’s degree. Once you have your associates degree you will know whether or not getting your bachelor’s degree is for you. Some people do go further and seek their masters in criminal justice. Furthering one’s education will only open more doors and create a pathway for where you might want to go in your career as a security guard.

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