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Welcome to Security Guard Training Headquarters! We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as a security guard officer. State specific training requirements, a step-by-step hiring process, potential employers and interviews to help you get hired are just some of the helpful things you'll find here.

Security Officers Vs Guards

Most would think that security guards and security officers are often the same person just under different titles. This is not accurate, because they work very different occupations. Both of share the same objective in their work, which is to keep something secure, or protect it. However, pay, responsibility, requirements, and level of experience can […]

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Benefits of security guards in schools

According to the latest statistics, the 2015 – 2016 school year was reported as having 1.4 million incidents of crimes. These crimes are not confined to a small percentage of schools within a certain area, but includes 79% of the schools in the U.S. When reviewing these numbers, there is at least one thing that […]

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Robotic Security Guards On the Rise But Not Ready to Replace Human Personnel

A recent study by Oxford Economics predicts that as many as 20 million jobs will be taken over by robots by 2030, and that’s just in the manufacturing sector. Robots are showing up in an array of other skilled employment areas, such as delivering packages, fast-food functions, janitorial jobs and hundreds of service sector jobs. […]

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How Much Do School Security Guards Make?

For the most part, a security guard position requires the guard to patrol an area, guard something, or monitor an area to prevent theft or the infraction of rules. The guard may operate a metal detector or x-ray machine. A guard must also prevent and de-escalate violent situations. How much a security guard position pays […]

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Security Guard to Police Officer – Career Path

GOING FROM SECURITY GUARD TO POLICE OFFICER IN A FEW EASY STEPS If you are already working as a security guard you are heading in the right direction. It takes more than guarding inmates and testifying in court to make a police officer. To go from one position to the next, it takes more education […]

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Basic Overview of a Job as a Security Guard – Job Duties and Responsibilities

Security is an important decision for any individual considering it as a job path. For many it is a rewarding and satisfying occupation. Many find pride in helping businesses keep citizens, properties and goods safe. While it is a field with many possibilities, it’s best to also consider the wide range of responsibilities and duties, […]

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How to write a great security guard cover letter

Each year there are different strategies to use for applying for work in security. It doesn’t matter what the field or industry. Employers searching for security guards want to see cover letters and resumes that are both concise and informative. These are documents that serve as an introduction to employers and interviewers. The information provided […]

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Standard Security Guard Employee Handbook Overview

There are many responsibilities pertaining to a security guard position. For starters, a security guard must display high integrity, vigilance, and the ability to respond quickly when things go awry. However, there are many more responsibilities and duties that a security guard must attend to that will help ensure they are top quality. To get […]

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How Security Guards Protect and Serve Us Everyday

Security guards protect and serve every day using their skills in the security industry, their instincts and their natural bravery. People who work as security guards should not be regarded as something less than law enforcement officers because security guards are where everyone needs them to be at the right time. Some are standing at […]

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Tips for Security Guards That Want to Ask for a Raise

So, you’ve been at the same company for a while and you haven’t gotten your first raise yet?  You’re thinking it might be the right time.  But how do you go about it?  What can you do to increase the chances that they say, yes?  There are some things that will increase your chances of […]

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