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What is the Difference of How a Security Guard is Hired?

Many things will vary depending on how a security guard is hired. A security guard can be hired by an agency that specifically represents security guards, directly by a business, hired through a government agency or another organization. Depending how they are hired, they could earn more or less and carry less benefits. Security Guard […]

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Typical Job Duties of a Security Guard Hired to Guard a Business Establishment

Most jobs in the security business have similar job duties because their main goal is to guard something. That something could be a person, a business, property, or even an item of value. Here are some of the most common job duties a security guard will be asked to perform. Access Control A security guard’s […]

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Self-Defense Tactics for Security Guards

No matter where a security guard works they should always be prepared for what lies ahead. It’s almost as if you should “expect the unexpected” in the security world. When an incident happens, no one will be able to prepare in advance for, so they need to be prepared physically and mentally. To keep safe […]

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How Important are Communication Skills in Security Guard Jobs

Being a security guard for any kind of day or night time job requires more than just walking around and making sure things or parameters are safe and clear. Communication skills are an important part of the job. As a security guard you have to learn how to communicate orders and follow protocol given and […]

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Security Guards – Do They Have Any Legal Power?

If you are a security guard or you are working on becoming a security guard, it is a good idea to learn about the kind of legal power that you hold. The legal power of a security guard will not be the same in every state but there are some guidelines that will remain the […]

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What to Do if Your Security Guard Job Becomes Monotonous

Just like many other jobs in the world, a security guard’s job can become monotonous at times, especially for those that work the night shift when everything is dark and quiet. Since the main responsibility of a security guard is to protect the property or a person from theft, harm, and destruction, it is imperative […]

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In the News: Security Guard Saves Child from Kidnapper

Recently, a security guard in Guangzhou, Ganangdong foiled the attempts of a kidnapper in a very public rescue. He was successful and the child was returned to his father safe and sound. He made it look easy, but the truth is that a lot of thought and careful planning went into the rescue, even though […]

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