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What to Do if Your Security Guard Job Becomes Monotonous

Security guard sleeping on duty.

DON’T BE THIS GUY! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just like many other jobs in the world, a security guard’s job can become monotonous at times, especially for those that work the night shift when everything is dark and quiet. Since the main responsibility of a security guard is to protect the property or a person from theft, harm, and destruction, it is imperative that the guard always be attentive and aware of their surroundings. If a security guard becomes tired or bored, he is not completely focused on the task at hand and he will not be able to perform his responsibilities to the highest degree. Luckily, there are things you can do if your security guard job becomes monotonous and you feel your attention slipping.

Keep Moving

One of the easiest ways to maintain focus is to get moving and keep the blood flowing. When a security guard sits in one place for too long, boredom and tiredness can set in quickly. When a security guard is not on alert, they are not properly guarding the premise as they should and the smallest interruptions could be missed. Get up and walk the premise of the property at various intervals. Of course, a guard should not make rounds according to a specific schedule because that will make it easier for a thief to make a move. The amount of time a security office can be walking around patrolling the area is dependent upon the specific job, but most security positions require at least some sort of tour of the inside and/or outside of the building to ensure everything is secure. As the security expert, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor about adding a few walks around the perimeter of the building if you are working a security position where you primarily sit at a desk and watch video feeds, or increasing the number of rounds you already make, in order to avoid the job becoming too monotonous.

Take Notes Frequently

Since most security guards must submit reports for each shift, another way to keep your mind sharp is to take notes after each patrol. Don’t wait until the very end of your shift to write your report, when the details are no longer fresh in your mind. Working on the report throughout the entire day/night provides a different task that will break up the hours and make the job less boring. It will also show employers that that their guards are staying active throughout their entire shift and are dedicated to their job. The more varying tasks a person has while working, the less monotonous the job will be.

Other Suggestions

A few other things you can do to help prevent monotony in your job is to ask permission to have a radio at your desk. Keeping a radio on low volume might be just what you need to help you focus on your duties and break up the monotony, but won’t be loud enough to hinder your responsibilities. Since a security guard should be physically fit in order to handle disruptive people or those with mal-intentions, you might consider doing some exercises while working. You could do some jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges, and other types of calisthenics to keep your blood flowing and prevent fatigue from setting in. Just a few minutes several times a day might be all you need to stay focused.

It is very important for a guard be attentive, have complete focus on the job, and not let the lack of excitement create a sense of false security. A situation can arise at any moment, and if the security guard is not paying attention, the very situation the guard is trying to prevent will happen. If you feel your security job has become monotonous, speak to your supervisor about increasing your patrols, doing some exercises, or making allowances for a radio at your desk. These small steps could mean the difference of you doing your job properly and protecting the property, or dealing with a robbery that could have been prevented.

2 Responses to “What to Do if Your Security Guard Job Becomes Monotonous”

  1. Just stick a small TV in your car and hook up your Xbox 360 while siphoning power with an extension cord and a quality power strip. Been doing this for 4 years. Bring some buddies along to watch some movies as well.

    Don’t forget to abandon your post for a few hours and then come.back before its time to go home. That’s a fun one. Especially as an unarmed insurance scarecrow the client wants so bad.

    If you’re armed. Have some dignity and stick with movies and games in your vehicle.

  2. Hello I am a security guard at a bank. I’ve been guarding for almost two years now and at first it was really difficult for me to calm down and just be sitting in peace. But the more time I did it the easier it got and when I felt especially anxious I used kava kava supplements to calm my nerves. I also use cannabis everyday before work to help me be more ok with doing nothing for 8 hours.

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