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In the News: Security Guard Saves Child from Kidnapper


Recently, a security guard in Guangzhou, Ganangdong foiled the attempts of a kidnapper in a very public rescue. He was successful and the child was returned to his father safe and sound. He made it look easy, but the truth is that a lot of thought and careful planning went into the rescue, even though it seemed to happen very quickly.

Here are some of the things that the security guard did right:

  • He examined the surrounding area and observed the layout to find the right place to make his rescue.
  • He made a plan before moving ahead.
  • He took into account the fact that the kidnapper had a weapon (a knife).
  • He took into account the safety of the child, first.
  • He observed the size and build of the kidnapper and compared it to his own.
  • He observed the signals that the kidnapper was revealing through his actions that suggested that he was possibly not completely aware of his surroundings.
  • He signaled to the present police officers that he was about to take action so that they would be on guard.
  • Once he made a plan he moved quickly and did not give the kidnapper time to react.

Does this mean that you should take similar actions?

Not necessarily. While this particular incident had a happy ending it could have easily have gone in the other direction.

Consider your training and your experience. If you have not been trained to handle situations like this or if you have no previous experience you might end up doing more harm than good. Remember that when others’ lives are involved it is better to have caution.

Also remember that there was a police presence. If they already had a plan you might put them or the child at increased risk to harm by implementing your own attack. Police are trained to deal with situations like this and have more experience than you likely do.

Don’t assume that you need to be the hero. You might do more good by simply keeping others (as in this case where there were many observers) safe and letting the police do their work. You might be more helpful in observing and being ready to provide backup if it is needed.

This story ends happily. Not all stories like this do though, so don’t assume that because you are a security guard that you need to be heroic and take action immediately. Think carefully before you act and always put the safety of others first.

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