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What to Look for In a Security Guard Training Course

Security Guard on subway - Bangkok

Security Guard on subway – Bangkok (Photo credit: Sailing “Footprints: Real to Reel” (Ronn ashore))

Once you understand what is involved in the duties of a security guard and have decided that this is the career that you wish to embark on you are ready to start looking at different security guard training courses. There are many different courses available so you will have to think carefully about which course is right for you.

Since you have done your research on the different types of security guard jobs you likely have already decided what kind of security guard you would like to be. If you haven’t you should think about htis first because most security guard courses are targeted on a particular field. You will have to decide if you need to take a security guard training course for armed or unarmed guards. No matter what kind of training course for security guards you choose though you will find that there is both mental and physical training involved.

One of the most important factors of any security guard course is that it should be certified. Online you may come across many security guard training classes but not all of them will be certified and that means that your certification would not be valid. Make sure the course is certified and approved by security guard employers nationwide.

In security guard positions you will often have to man a check point and patrol a building or a set of buildings. Sometimes your patrol duties will be done on foot and other times you will have a vehicle at your disposal. The security guard training class that you take should have classroom instruction on this type of work, as well as practical simulations. You might even have the chance to work with a training guard on site as part of your studies.

Some security guard jobs involve monitoring of electronic equipment like video camera, alarms, and other high-tech devices. It is important that any security guard course that you choose includes teaching you how to use such technical equipment. Other technology that security guards use will help them to notify medical responders, fire responders, and police response centers.

There is more to a security guard’s job than just patrolling and monitoring though. The security guard might come across many different types of people during the course of work and it is critical that a security guard is able to communicate effectively. Delicate situations may be encountered and these are the times when good communication skills are most important. Security guards must be able calm people that are over-excited or angry, get information from people, and relay important information when speaking with responders.

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