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What are the Duties and Risks of Armed Security Guards?

When it comes to protecting, sometimes it means carrying an armed weapon. Security guards that carry a gun while they are on duty may feel safer, but they also have a greater responsibility.

Duties of an Armed Security Guard

Obviously, one of the main duties of an armed security guard is to protect those around him. Whether it’s a person or a place it is important that protection stays on their minds at all times. It’s a duty of that armed security guard to seek proper training before he/she starts carrying it at all times. A properly trained security guard it a safety to all.

One of the main duties that a security guard has is to make sure he or she uses the gun only when appropriate. While the gun does bring some sort of fear to those who try to mess around it should still be used only when appropriate. Security guards need deep and proper training on when, where, and how to use their gun. Carrying a gun is a privilege and not a right. It would be a shame for someone to lose their life because they were not properly trained on how to use a gun.

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English: Cash transport van with guards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Risks of an Armed Security Guard

Whenever a gun is being carried there is always a risk for death. Either the security guard could face death or an innocent bystander could get hurt. You really never know what could happen when weapons start getting involved.

When a company allows guns to be carried by security guards they typically make sure the security guard is properly trained. However, there are some independent security guards who are not properly trained. At that point it is a risk or liability to the person hiring the security guard. They are risking the lives of people around them with a security guard they are not sure has proper training.

What is the bottom line?

A properly trained armed security guard can help add another level of protection. An improperly trained guard can only cause harm and frustration to a scene. Using the gun when appropriate and acting with common sense will help alleviate some of the risks involved in having armed guards. There are risks and duties involved with having a security guard job position. In essence, they are putting their lives on the line everyday to protect something. That is a risk all on its own.

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  1. Hy thnx for the info. Just one question, has there ever been a risk assessment done on armed security officers/gaurds?

    Would love to have a copy of it if you do


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