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Security Guard Training in Minnesota

In Minnesota, the rules to become an unarmed security guard can be a little confusing because the rules talk mostly about something called a “Protective Agent.” But, with further reading, you will see that the Protective Agent is the company that is offering security services.

The contracting security agent must be licensed. However, an unarmed security guard hired by this Protective Agent doesn’t have to be licensed. He or she will fall under the license of the company. This then means that the company can require that certain criteria be met.

Basic requirements for unarmed security guard in Minnesota:

  • Must be at least 18 year old
  • Must be a United States citizen or registered resident alien
  • Drug testing (which may be ongoing
  • Successfully passing a background check

Other Requirements that May Be Helpful:

  • Driver’s License
  • Good physical conditioning
  • Be able to stand long periods of time
  • Good Communication skills

Training Curriculum

If training is provided or required, a basic training conducted may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Role of Private Security
  • Legal Aspects
  • Patrol and Observation
  • Incident Response
  • Security Resources: Surveillance operation and documentation
  • Customer Service Issues: Working with and addressing the public
  • First Aid Overview

Fees may be applicable.

For more information, please read the State of Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services website or call (651)793-2666.

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  3. Helping 19 yr old nephew with information on this type of career.

  4. From what I have understood, checking on security training in Minnesota, you will only get trained by the company with whom you are going to work, once you are accepted by the company. There are no independent ‘security schools’, such as are prevalent in Florida.

  5. Are training from other state will transfer to Minnesota? What is need it to ta start offering this type of training in MN?

  6. hi my name is Mahad khalid and i wanna to work at your job i work at a taxi cab. i use to work at bank, security job, thats pretty it

  7. Hi, im trying to turn my life around and i feel like this would be a step towards that goal i just dont know where to go to be able to do this.

  8. Hello Sir or Madam,
    I would like to know how to go about getting a PERC card in the state of Minnesota?

  9. more information about where are the classes , what time, how much

  10. Training depends on what company you are hired by in the security field. There are various forms of security (commerical real estate, office, university, shopping center, concerts, etc, etc) and training can vary greatly. There is no third party to go through for basic security certification.

  11. Hello I would love to get more information about this training

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