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Security Guard Training in Illinois

To become a security guard in the state of Illinois, the first thing you must do is obtain a PERC Card (Permanent Employee Registration Card). This process informs Illinois security that you have completed the state identity verification and security clearance process, which includes a criminal background check and fingerprinting. If you do not have a PERC card you will not be able to apply for a security guard job in Illinois until the process is completed and you have obtained a PERC Card.

To apply for your PERC Card, you can visit the PERC Card application page on the Division of Professional Regulation website.

Please note that once you obtain your PERC Card, it does not guarantee that you will be hired – it only allows you to start looking for an employer to hire you.

Obtaining an IL PERC Card

The steps to obtaining your IL PERC Card are as follows:

    1. You must be 18 or older to complete the PERC card process. You also must have a social security number and legally be able to work in the US. If these two requirements are met by an individual, they may move on to step 2.
    2. Visit the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional registration: here. You will need a printer, as you will need to download and print the application.
      1. Under: Private Security Contractor Agency Registration Application
      2. Click on: Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC) Registration
      3. Select ‘No’ on the questionnaire, then ‘Next’
      4. Complete Form to register
    3. Next, schedule and appear to be fingerprinted for the background checks. On the same webpage as above:
      1. Under: Resources and Publication
      2. Click on: Fingerprint Agency List
    4. Send your completed PERC Card application and receipt of completed fingerprinting, along with a fee of $55.00 to:
      Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
      ATTN: Division of Professional Regulation
      P.O. Box 7007
      Springfield, Illinois 62791
    5. Finally, wait for your card to be approved. You will also need to typically complete approximately 20 hours of classroom training. Some programs are offered on line.

Please note that once you obtain your PERC Card, it does not guarantee that you will be hired – it only allows you to start looking for an employer to hire you as a certified security guard. Some agencies will have additional training and steps they will want you to complete prior to working for them.

Reminder: The application instructions and requirements are outlined for you below, although they are also located on the PERC pdf:

  • The security guard applicant must be 18 years of age or older to apply (for unarmed security guards)
  • The applicant must provide their social security number
  • The applicant is required to pay a $55 fee (make payable to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation).
  • The applicant must include a photo (instructions on the PDF linked above)
  • The applicant is required to submit the security documents as instructed on pg2 of the PDF linked above, under the “Important Notice Criminal Background Check Information” section

The state of Illinois is able to gather the necessary documents for security clearance verification once you have completed the fingerprinting scan procedure. This process enables Illinois to run a background check for you to make sure you have not committed any felonies and are allowed to work as a security guard.

You must go through a Livescan Certified Vendor; Illinois approved vendors are listed here.

Illinois Security Guard Training Requirements

In addition to the PERC card, you will also most likely be required, to complete 20 hours of security guard training.

You can take these courses at most of the local community colleges or at firms that are certified to provide security guard training.

After you obtain your PERC card, check with your potential employers as to what the exact training requirements may be, in case the specific company requires additional training.

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