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Incidence Reports: An Important Part of the Job of a Security Guard

Incident Report

Incident Report (Photo credit: The Consumerist)

Security guards are hired to protect people, places, or things. Security companies hire the security guards and place them in jobs that best suit their skills. Security guards need to understand that no matter how well they do their job, the time will come that they will need to fill in an incident report because someone has attempted to bring had to the person, place, or thing that they have been hired to protect. Knowing how to fill in that incident report properly can affect how the job is done in the future and whether or not the client continues to work with the company that has hired them.

The first thing you should know is that you will need to pay attention during the incident in order to fill in the incident report accurately. Watch for details and be aware of what you are doing yourself. You will need to remember specific details after the incident and if you are not paying attention it will be more difficult to recall them when you need them.

As soon as possible, start writing down as many details as you can remember. Some important details to get down right away include:

  • The time the authorities were called
  • Who the security guard spoke to when the authorities were called
  • When the supervisor was called and when
  • Anyone else that was called and at what time

These details and others will make it easier to prosecute if the incidence goes to court or be reimbursed by insurance agencies.

The security guard will also need to remember what happened and the order that it happened in. The order of the event can have a serious impact on insurance awards and may be included as evidence if the case goes to court.

In order to fill in an incident report, security guards need to have excellent communication skills and thinking skills. Security guards must be able to recall recent events and they must think and be attentive during the actual incident. Remember to file your incident report as soon as possible after an incident occurs so that the details will be fresh in your memory. Every detail could be important so take the necessary time to fill in the incident report completely. Security guards who take incident reports seriously will be valued by clients and employers.

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  1. Now it is possible to digitally compile, save and send these reports with photos using your iPhone or Android Phone. Guard Buddy is a Stand-alone, very affordable application made for Small to Medium size firms or individual security contractors and employees.

  2. I have been in the security field for over 6 years. I am rewriting our Post Orders.
    I was looking for a way to explain the importance of due diligence, what to report and how to write it. I am going to take your ontuitive style to help my officers understand it is not just something else to do. But it is the right thing to do the right way. Thank you

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