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How to Become an Armed Security Guard in New York

Armed Security Guard Requirements in New YorkTo apply for a Special Armed Guard Security Card in the State of New York (which enables you to carry a firearm while on duty as a security guard), you must complete all of the following before you can apply:

  • Possess a valid New York State pistol license.
  • Take an 8-hour “pre-assignment” training course. If you already possess your Security Guard Registration Card (unarmed), then you have already met this particular requirement.
  • Complete an additional 47 hours firearms training course.

Again, all of the above must be completed before applying.

Additionally, every year after you are given a valid Armed Security Guard Card, you will need to complete 8 hours of additional “maintenance” training to keep your registration valid.

For your training, you can contact any of these approved security guard schools in New York (PDF file). The schools on this approved list can be used for the 8 hour pre-assignment training course, as well as your 47 hour firearms training course. You will see which schools have firearm training available in the PDF file above.

The Application Process

The New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services is where you will actually apply for your Armed Security Guard Card after you’ve met all of the requirements.

Along with your application, you will need to submit your fingerprint for your background check. This is done through something called L-1 Enrollment Services, which help you electronically scan your fingerprint, and they’ll give you receipts for proof that you include in your application.

Then, you can use the Employee Statement and Security Guard Employer Application to apply. Be sure to check the “armed security guard” box when you are applying (see below):

Armed Security Guard Application New YorkNew York State Pistol License

You can visit the State of New York Police Firearms – Pistol Permit Bureau website for information about obtaining a New York State Pistol License. The application for the pistol license can be seen on the right hand side of the page.


26 Responses to “How to Become an Armed Security Guard in New York”

  1. I would like to get my armed lincensce so if you have any places in general that you can refer me to it would be appreciated please feel free to contact me via e mail i enclosed it on top

  2. What’s the minimal age requirement to become an armed guard?

  3. I need school to be armed guard close to me, i live in Long Island City 11101

  4. Hello my name is Dale Murray I am a security guard currently working with Protection Plus security company but my wages cannot cover monthly bill expense so I think I have join the arm guard security company so I can cover my monthly bill expenses. So please I would like to know what are the requirement needed to become a arm security guard I already have my security guard license my 8hours &16hours cirtificate

  5. I like my job as a security guard I love when people feel safe in environment around them because of job that I am doing but still think I can better if I get the right help and training from some of our New York finest to protect our community and our nabours

  6. what I really mean is I do love my job it just does not pay me enough so I need to advance . So I am trying to see if I meet the requirement for becoming an arm safety guard to try and help our community and the environment around us safer for our children and elderly parent .I need to find me a school that can train me to become a true safety arm guard.

  7. I am Sora certified and looking to become armed
    In NJ. Does it carry over into NY?

  8. I’ve been seeking a entry level armed guard job in New York for quite some time. It is literally impossible to achieve this goal in New York on my own unless I’m a retired police/corrections officer. I’ve even spoke with Honorably discharged military men and they have the same complaints!! Does anyone here have any tips?

  9. I have my unarmed security guard license and I want to get my armed security guard license. Can you send me information on how to obtain it and what the fees and requirements are. Thank you

  10. Dale, If you become a “Armed” security guard, just remember that you are not a police officer and should not act like one or try and “protect” the people around you. On the job is one thing but outside of work you should only serve as a good witness to the police in your area and neighborhood.

  11. Would you please get in contact with me at your earliest convenience

    Thank you

    Ms.Priscilla Smalls

  12. I would love to become a part of your school as soon as possible
    If someone can get ongoing with me as soon as possible, so I may get started. Of not I still appreciated you taken time to read my comment

    Thank you

    Ms.Priscilla Smalls

  13. I love my job but it don’t pay enough I would like to advance
    By getting my gun licence

  14. Hello my name is maria. I want to know what do I first have to do to become an arm guard. I am a security officer now but I can’t pay all of My bills with what I make now. Where do have to go and how much will it cost me.

  15. I wish to apply for an Armed Guard License. I am a Bronx County home owner-resident, currently pensioned on an Ordinary Service Retirement from the NYPD. I possess an Unrestricted Concealed Carry Handgun License issued by NYPD, a license that has been endorsed for a full carry privilege throughout the Union by the Federally enacted H.R.218/S/1132.

  16. Hi my name is Carl Vincent Tenteromano and I need to get security job thank you very much.

  17. Looking forward to get this job

  18. I want to become an armed guard but can I qualify for a handgun business carry license in nyc at 19 years old even though I’m in the military? I’ve had a lot of nypd captains and detectives tell me yes and then one or two say no. I don’t want to put in an application without finding out if the state exemption law applies in this case

  19. I am interested into beginning my adaptation into security especially armed security. Anyone in the New York area that can assist it is much appreciated. I am basically the newbie no 8 or 16 certificates so please I need some guidance

  20. I would like to further my career in Security and make more money if I am going to stay in this field. So I need a school or training program to learn how to use a firearm. Please give some suggestions.

    Thank you,

  21. want to be arm securety

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  23. I have been trying to get a security guard license for some time now but to no avail can someone please help me with this issue I have the money to get my license but no one will help me on what I need to do to obtain my license if you can please help me with this I would really appreciate it please. Joe

  24. I am a security Officer and want to become a arm security officer

  25. Hello, I have been an Unarmed security guard in New Jersey. I have mine yellow and red SORA cards. Also I have my pistol license. Why for a New York card even though I have a New Jersey state drivers license?

  26. If I have a New York residence which I just moved to a few months ago and I have security guard papers for New Jersey what I have to do to transfer New York armed guard job?

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