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How Do I Know if I Would Make a Good Security Guard?

If you have been looking for a new career and have been searching for a job that has high rates of employment, you have likely discovered that being a security guard fits into that area. Training centers for security guards are busy because there are many people who are recognizing this as a great field to get into because there is a high demand.

And if you have discovered that security guard jobs are in demand, you have likely asked yourself, “How do I know if I would make a good security guard?” Obviously, you need to get training, but what qualities should you have?

Are You a Humanitarian?

While you might not have considered this, good security guards are often humanitarians. They value the human life and they understand how people feel about their safety and their possessions. He takes people’s feelings into serious consideration when dealing with them. This enables the security guards to act quickly and with compassion and sincerity.


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Do You Have Common Sense?

Security guards must also be practical and have common sense. It is great if they are brave, too, but courage will only take you so far. It doesn’t matter how courageous a security guard is if sensibility does not go with it. A security guard that does not take all of the factors of the situation into hand can put others in danger, as well as himself/herself.

Are You Physically in Good Shape?

It is necessary for a security guard to be in good shape, too. Security guards often find themselves in situations where he/she must exert the muscles of the body. Security guards often need to run or be able to defend themselves or others without getting winded so it is crucial for them to keep their bodies in good shape.

Do You Have Good Communications Skills?

Security guards will learn quickly that their ability to communicate in any situation can make a difficult situation much easier. When they find themselves in a conflict, it will save them a lot of time if they can communicate well and use verbal skills before they resort to any physical skills. Not only is it easier and the preferred method but it is safer for everyone that is involved.

Are You Willing to Dedicate Yourself to Your Work?

Security guards are dedicated individuals. They truly care about the work that they do. They see the value in it and they are there to service the area that they protect with a belief that they are needed. Security guards know that the job they do is important – they don’t need anyone else to tell them that!

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