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Four Tips for Keeping Your Security Guard Job

English: Private security guard in Guatemala.

English: Private security guard in Guatemala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At one point or another, you may feel threatened by the thought of losing your security guard job. Although the job can feel monotonous at times, it is vital that you push through those feelings, so that you can ultimately keep your job. If you are on the edge of losing your job and needs some tips for keeping your security guard job, then these tips are for you.

#1. Seek Further Training

Perhaps something negative happened and your boss does not feel as though you are as sharp at your job as you once were. One major tip to keeping your security job is to further your training. There are multiple classes you can take to make you even better at your job. While you are in training, take lots of notes and keep a close eye on what they are saying. Feel free to job shadow another security guard because maybe they have some tips to help you improve in your current job.

#2. Always Do What is Right

No matter where you work, you might run into some dishonest people. The best part about doing what is right in your job is that you will always come in on top. Simple things like showing up to work on time and being honest about the amount of hours you work are just a few ways you can do what is right. Completing paperwork and helping out your fellow security guards will also help you keep your security guard job. Hopefully your boss and coworkers will see that you always aim to do the right thing and that will help leave a good mark on your career.

#3. Have a Good Attitude

In order to keep any job, you need to have a good attitude. A lot of people come to work and continue to whine and put others down. Having a good attitude will allow you to keep your security job because you will be seen as an asset to the team. You will also bring good morale to the company, which in return will help your reputation and work ethic.

#4. Stick it Out

There may be times when the weather is rough at your security guard job. In the end, one of the best pieces of advice is to stick it out. Every job has its ups and downs. You might get a new boss, or have to deal with several coworkers, but the bottom line is that you stick it out and see your job for what it’s worth. You are there to protect individuals and property, so no matter what may come your way, pushing through the storm is one of the best tips for keeping your security guard job.

These are great tips for keeping your security guard job. When times get tough and you think your job might be on the line, just step it up with these tips.

2 Responses to “Four Tips for Keeping Your Security Guard Job”

  1. Please, I am a Cameroonian by birth, I have served as a security agent in Cameroon, Nigeria and in Qatar, but im back to unemployment. I wish to join any private security company and offer them the best in me.

  2. Hello, I would like to thank you for posting these tips. I was actually feeling as though that I was working at a dead end job. I believe in keeping employee morale at its highest point. I’ve always strive to help my company become number one in the competitive market. You are right there will be employees whom may not feel the same. But one must push through and stick it out.

    Thanks again,

    Security Officer Donald Mosley Jr.

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