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Four Reasons you Should Continue Your Training to Become an Armed Guard?

Some people are happy when they fulfill the requirements to become a security guard, that they do not continue their education. Additional training and education is available so that you can further your career. Why not try to excel in your career?

Becoming an armed guard carries a few perks in the field of security. Guards that will continue their training so that they can carry a firearm will find it was worth the extra work. There are a few benefits for becoming and armed guard.

Higher Pay

Money is always an ardent reason to go for additional training. Do not let yourself get stuck in a career dead-end. Many companies that hire security guards will not pay more than a certain amount of money unless they are an armed guard. If you are already employed you can speak to your boss and ask if they will pay more money if you carry a gun. Some bosses may, but there may be a higher insurance premium they will have to pay to allow you to work as an armed guard.


When you carry a gun, you open up a world of job opportunities. You will have a larger range of types of jobs that are available to you.


When you are an armed guard, you will be respected more. People tend to respect a guard that is holding a gun in their holster as opposed to a guard that is not. People also tend to feel more at ease having an armed guard around as well. You will need to, not only protect other people, but you must consider the reality that you need to protect yourself. It can be dangerous if someone takes your gun and tries to use it on you.

English: Antigua Guatemala: armed guard stands...

English: Antigua Guatemala: armed guard stands at the entrance of a jewelry store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Becoming an armed guard can save you from many risks you may take as a security guard. On the other hand it also has its risks. You will be carrying a gun, so there is a chance you may be forced to use it. Due to your training to become an armed guard, you will be trained how to minimize those occurrences or when it is truly necessary to do so. You will be better protected if you are holding a gun.

Always take your training serious. It is vital to understand the risks and benefits when you are carrying a gun. You will want to pay particular attention on how to react in different situations. You are carrying a dangerous weapon, and there could be many people counting on you to make the correct decision. Carrying a gun could have massive benefits and perks as long as you understand the risks and are well trained to respond in any situation. Your response could save your life, as well as other people’s lives.

6 Responses to “Four Reasons you Should Continue Your Training to Become an Armed Guard?”

  1. I’d much rather be an armed guard

  2. I also prefer to become an Armed Guard too! I already
    took my training as an Unarmed Guard. On to the next class of an Armed Security Guard.

  3. As a blue card holder [armedSecLic]
    Am I able to take on private protection details for small stores or buildings at my own leisure? Where can I find the rules about that?

  4. Just turned 69. Went through ATF training & have Certificate Of Compliance from Florida Police Commision on Police Officer Standards and Training. Certificate was activated in 1978. Also am a U.S. Navy Veteran. Currently hold concealed carry for Wisconsin.. What would it take on my part to get an armed guard license.

  5. As an armed guard, you really shouldn’t have “respect” as one of the reasons on why you should become one. If you want a gun to get people to respect you, you definitely should get therapy instead.

  6. Interested in information about training programs in the armed security field

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