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Armed Security Guard Training in Tennessee

In the state of Tennessee, a license is required for an armed security guard. It’s also a requirement that armed security guards be hired by a security company before a license is granted. License must be renewed every two years if you are still employed as an armed guard. Be prepared to answer personal information about any military discharge and criminal history.

Basic requirements for armed security guards in Tennessee:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must be a United States citizen or alien resident or application is denied
  • Mentally competent
  • Have good moral Character
  • No drug or alcohol use or dependence
  • No convictions in the last 5 years and that includes being on probation
  • Proof of residency for the past 5 year
  • No disabilities that would prevent performance of duty
  • Submit fingerprint cards (3) for background check from bother TBI and FBI
  • Successful complete training requirements
  • Submit completed application once notarized
  • Driver’s License

Training Requirements

Four-hour course, one hour training for each:

  1. Orientation
  2. Legal aspects and limitations
  3. Emergency procedures
  4. Duty requirements

Note: Must receive and provide proof of appropriate firearms training and safety for the specific handgun that will be used on duty from a certified instructor. Upon completion of training, a certificate card of completion must be carried at all times.

Fees are nonrefundable:

  • Application fee: $75.00
  • Registration: $30
  • Fingerprints: $60.00

For more information, please call 615-741-6382.


Tennessee Private Protective Services – Get a License:

  • Contract Security Company
  • Proprietary Security Organization
  • Armed Security Officer/Guard
  • Unarmed Security Officer/Guard
  • Proprietary Unarmed Security Officer/Guard
  • Certified Security Guard Trainer
  • Assistant Security Guard Trainer

12 Responses to “Armed Security Guard Training in Tennessee”

  1. I was checking to see when your classes are and what I would need to do to get a armed guard license.I hold a Tennessee hand permit now.

  2. I worked as a Security Officer with Walden Security back in 2008. At the time I did not have a Tennessee Carry Permit, which I now have. My TN Security license expired in 2010,

    So what do I have to do to work as an armed security guard?

  3. Need information on being certified

  4. I have my carry permit. What classes do I need to get my armed security license
    Thank you

  5. That would be my Tennessee armed security license

  6. Im working as a unarmed Security Officer in Nevada and I want be close to my family in Tennessee..Proof of Residency? Do that mean that I have to be in Tennessee for 5 years or in the USA for 5 years..

  7. Yes, I have worked in law enforcement for 25 years plus, I am graduate of the Kansas Law enforcement training academy as well as The Tennessee Law Enforcement Training academy, and the FBI Firearms Instrctor course. I have been out of law enforcement since 2005, what do I need to get my armed security Licences….Thank you

  8. I was checking to see what I would need to do to get a armed guard license, I hold a Tennessee handgun permit now.

  9. If you already have unarmed license and you want to apply for arm security license. Do you necessary have to be re-fingerprinted and background check though you have an arm security license ?

  10. A handgun permit means squat when it comes to an armed security license

  11. As a security guard I was told to leave my post before the other replacement guard arrived, having no way of getting in the secure state building without me letting them

  12. When and where can I get training to become an armed security guard. I am a beginner having no experience and have never fired a hand gun. What and where do in need to go in the state of Tennessee to get my training and licence. Thanks you for your time.

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