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Armed Security Guard Training in North Dakota

In North Dakota, armed security guards, also known as commissioned security guards, are required to register with the security board even as an employee of licensed security company. In addition, to carry a firearm a security guard must pass a security provider’s exam and meet basic requirements.

Basic requirements for an armed security guard in North Dakota

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • United States citizen or resident alien
  • Proof of high school diploma or equivalent
  • No felony convictions or misdemeanors associated with violence (which includes domestic), drugs ( use or sale), theft or fraud
  • Good moral character
  • No mental disorders or defects that will prohibit performance of duties
  • Employed by a private security company and under supervision from a licensed patrol officer
  • North Dakota driver’s license
  • Pass security provider’s exam


The exam is scheduled after all requirements and the complete application and fees are received. Once met, the applicant will be notified as to the time and location of the exam. The application process generally takes 30 days.

Special Note about a Concealed Weapon Permit

If you have a concealed weapon permit for North Dakota, you are not allowed to carry your firearm while on duty. You must successfully meet the above requirements and state weapons requirement before receiving certification to be an armed security guard.

Fees: All fees are non-refundable

Registration fee: $77

For more information, please see resources below or call 701-222-3063.


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  1. Where can a commissioned officer (security) carry his we.
    apon. Can you only carry on duty? What about to and from work, stopping at store, Wal-Mart on the way home and so fourth. And also one of my cards say commissioned officer and the other I got after says armed commissioned. Is there a difference? And can you answer my first questions about carrying the weapon?

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