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Armed Security Guard Training in New Jersey

Armed security guards in New Jersey must be licensed. In addition, additional training, which includes firearms training, is required. After all requirements are met, license is administered by the New Jersey Superintendent’s office.

Basic requirements for Armed Security guards in New Jersey:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • United States citizen or legal alien
  • Valid social security number
  • No felony convictions or any crime involving the illegal use of weapons
  • Written consent to a criminal background check
  • Good moral character
  • Mental competency to perform job
  • Fingerprinting
  • Passport photo
  • New Jersey driver’s license
  • Successfully complete classroom and firearms training

Training Requirements

You must complete a state approved security-training course within 30 days of hire. You are responsible for finding a certified training course. The 24 hours of course study may include but not limited to:

  • Counteract terrorism
  • Emergency response
  • Prevention of theft
  • Use of force
  • Detaining a suspect
  • Professional Conduct
  • Ethics
  • First Aid

Firearms Training

You must apply for a weapon permit at your local New Jersey police department for requirements as each city and county may vary. However, may be expected to successful complete a firearms safety course, which covers handling your weapon as well as range training.


Application $75($50 for application and $25 registry surcharge)

Fingerprinting $70.25

For more information, please call 609-341-3426 or 609-633-9352.


34 Responses to “Armed Security Guard Training in New Jersey”


  2. Hello I am currently a security officer with my sora. I am interested in getting my carry permit to become a armed guard. I did a little research and supposedly need a letter of need from a company before I ever can get accepted for geting a license. I found a place in belleville nj called gunforhire/bullethole but the program is 3 thousand. They say they get u a part time position which would get you the letter of need. Please help with any words of knowledge or if you know of any companies that would hire and train you. Thank you

  3. Hello Brian,

    This is Anthony from Gun For Hire. We do have an armed program that will get you a letter of need and a part time job. This is not a $500 NJ Scam. Please note the The Bullet Hole is NOT affiliated with the program. They just happen to be across the street from our school.

  4. I want some information about How to get a gun permit. I just got my sora Permit .Thank you

  5. I already have my sora license, but I want to get an armed guard license as well. please direct me to the right training class with a phone contact number. I live in Runnemede N.J. Thank you very much, John dettra PH: 386-314-2575.

  6. I am interested in becoming an armed security guard in new Jersey. I would like to know how to do this.

  7. HI SIR
    I would like to become armed securty guard ,should i have sora training before or not ,because i would like to have enough courses to be equlify for that espesilay i did serive with marin force and armed force 5 years in iraq as a linguist ,also i did serive with globil security company for 3 years in iraq ,thanks

  8. Sahar as a MARINE myself attention to detail has always been a number one thing for any jarhead, however, either your computer has a bug or you simply failed to notice that you misspelled quite a few word brother. Hope you look over your work before submitting any application, and as a linguist you aught to know that.

  9. Hello,
    I am extremely interested in your Security Guard Training however I have a few questions:

    1. I have an application to obtain my gun permit.
    2. I have a Masters Degree in Business Management with 15 years of surveillance, fraud investigations, audit, emergency recovery experience in the Financial Field.
    3. How do I get started and how much is the cost for your training program?

  10. Hi, I have a SORA license but i live in NYC…do I have to live in NJ in order to get a NJ armed guard license ans gun permit?? P.S. I have a NYS driver license.

  11. Hi, I have a SORA license but i live in NYC…do I have to live in NJ in order to get a NJ armed guard license and gun permit?? P.S. I have a NYS driver license. REVISED

  12. Hi! I am currently a security officer with my sore license.I want some informations about how to get a Gun permit.

  13. Hey, I’m not certified and not a security but I want
    To certified security and to carry, what would I
    Need to do? Thank you!

  14. Hello, I am inquiring a little information which I can’t see to find anywhere. Currently I have my NYS lic. And I’m planning to move to NJ, the question I have is until I move to nj would I be able to obtain Sora certification while still residing in nyc..or must I move to nj 1st?

  15. can i apply for armed security if i have work permit in usa

  16. I have a permit to purchase but not a carries permit I’m trying for a program or a job that would help me write me a letter I live Un new Jersey most of the job said they won’t write a letter pleas me!

  17. Folks,

    Senior instructor Anthony is spot on, first get you’re SORA, then get some experience at the firing range along with your FIREARM permit and sign up for your 24 hour training sessions at gunforhire or in PA,, GET TO KNOW “ALL” THE PLAYERS IN SECURITY WHICH SHOULD TAKE ABOUT A YEAR OR SO WORKING EVERY SECURITY DETAIL KNOW TO MAN, once your done classing up -come back to this site for information, no one will hire you without expereince, no one. You’re NY permit means nothing in NJ.

  18. Hello, I A Highly Interested In Getting My Sora Armed License, How Do I Start The Process? Also, I Don’t Have A Passport. I That A Major Requirement? Thank You For Time.

  19. how old do you have to be to get the armed guard permit in nj I am 18

  20. Hi I’m a current soldier in the Israel defense forces. I was born in New Jersey and I plan I going back home when I’m done my service in March. If anyone has any pointers on how to start off I’m looking to work In Armed security. Thanks.

  21. Hi im already a sora security officer with nj i was wondering if this is true. I applied for a armed class but the director told me it would be easier if i just get a gun purchaser permit and identification card first, then buy a handgun. after that go apply for a armed guard job to get a letter stating why i would need a carry permit to get the carrying permit. But i dont understand he said after that then i can come to take the class to get my armed license before august 31st 2017. My question is can i still work as an armed guard if im not licensed as an armed guard???

  22. hey guys i just got my security guard license but i also want to get a sora Armed license were can i take the clase i live in nj paterson please help

  23. Good Morning ,
    I’m interested in becoming an armed officer, can u please direct me to the right website. Thank You

  24. I am visitor here and I want to take a course on army security and security guard…i want to known how much is the cost ..and where is the training centre in Newark.. .kindly guild me

  25. What are the requirements to apply for SORA while still active as a police Officer.

  26. I have my Sora licence, and my gun permit , what else will I need to become an armed security officer

  27. Do I need my drivers license to become a armed security guard?
    What happens if I don’t have my license
    Also where is a good place to train and become certified in Nj

  28. Hi my name Unique,

    I already have my sora license and presently working with a security company here in NJ. Hence I need to upgrade and aquire further training as I want to make this a long time career.

    My questions are I want to get an armed guard license, secondly I would like to know – is NJ carry permit valid in NY and other states or basically here in NJ? Reasons is that I might be considering leaving NJ in near future to other state with my family.

    Could you please direct me on how to go about it and probably other vital informations I need.


  29. I’m interested in becoming an armed guard , I’m Sora certified and I have my firearm purchase permit , can you tell me what steps I need to take in order to obtain a letter of need or where I can get the necessary training

  30. Hello I have my Sora Lic but I’m interested in upturning my fire arm lic, I will like more feedback

  31. As anyone noticed you all had asked a very, very stupid question all the information is on top of the screen idiots scroll back up Dammmn!!!!

  32. I read some comments and I recently passed a badic handcuff course in November of 2018 I need my gun permit do you still sponsor that course for 500.00 I need a letter of need and another armed job Malca-Amit Armored,Inc turned out to be a very false impression on obtaining a gun permit please help me. Thank you for listening to me..

  33. I would like to become an armed guard. The company I work for don’t hire armed guards but I see jobs all the time for armed guards… I would likebto do this kind of work need help

  34. Hey how are you I want to get my armed guard permit I already have my sora license just need more information on how to get it

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