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Armed Security Guard Training in Illinois

Armed security guards in Illinois must be licensed. In addition, additional training, which includes firearms training, is required. After all requirements are met, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will issue your license.

Basic requirements for Armed Security guards in Illinois:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • United States citizen or legal alien
  • Valid social security number
  • No felony convictions or any crime involving the illegal use of weapons
  • Successfully pass a criminal background check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Passport photo
  • Illinois driver’s license
  • Successfully complete classroom training, firearms training and written exam

Training Requirements

You must successful complete 20 hours of training which covers the basic responsibilities of an armed guard, laws and regulations of Illinois, ethics, writing reports, dealing with the public etc.

Firearms Training

In addition to the 20 hours listed above, you must successfully complete 20 hours of firearms training, which includes handgun safety, handling your weapon and time on the fire range. Each qualified candidate must fire 50 rounds from their handgun at an accuracy of at least 70%.

For more information, please call 217-785-0800.


10 Responses to “Armed Security Guard Training in Illinois”

  1. I just retired from my police job as a detective. I have a perc card and work for a security company. Is there a loop hole to obtain a “carry a gun card” without all the red tape since I have been a police officer for 20 years???

    If you have an answer can you please relay this to me! Thanks

  2. I am interested in an armed guard position (full time). I recently retired as a police detective and am looking for a full time guard position. I have my perc card and completed my training for a tan gurad. I already submitted my passing grades from class room time and range qualifications. I currently work for a private detective and am registered with his company. Can you assist with a job position close to my residence? Your reply would be greaty appreciated. Thank you!

  3. I am a Kenyan currently taking Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and I would like to do a thesis on: EFFECTIVE TRAINING OF SECURITY GUARDS FOR SAFETY.
    How do you help me get the right and appropriate and ample material achieve my objective in learning?

  4. I’m 20 about to be 21 this year but wish to get a early start in this. Am i able to?
    I was self-trained by my step-dad which was in the military. Since i’m not 21 yet would i be able to join a private contracter only useing rifles/shotguns or would i have to wait?

  5. send online imformation

  6. I would like info on an armed security guard class plinfo

  7. I’m 45 years old and I’m intersted in getting cerify for an unarmed

  8. Hello I am interested in the security training filling all the conditions but I do not know where to start to end please to orient me please

  9. Hi,
    I am interested in having a certificate and/or license for Armed security guards in Illinois.
    How much is the full cost of the course?

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