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Armed Security Guard Training in Idaho

In the state of Idaho, armed security guards are not governed by the state. In fact, requirements are based on the county and handled by the county clerk’s office—so requirements may be different based on your particular county. According to one of the top-armed security guard companies in Ada County, it could take three months to be cleared as an armed security guard and these basic requirements must be met.

Basic requirements for armed security guards in Idaho:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • State Driver’s license
  • Pass a thorough background check and drug test
  • Good moral character
  • Good physical conditioning
  • Must have worked at least a year as an unarmed security guard
  • Good work record

Training Requirements

Firearms training requirements will vary based on the county. Training may be conducted by the hiring company. Passing a firearms test may be required.

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  2. What if Im in the military

  3. Hellow
    My name is Matthew and I’m a current security guard in arizona. My wife and I were looking to move to Idaho and was wondering how to get a unarmed and armed security guard card. And what is the shooting qualification to be a armed security guard? How long does it take and were to go to get one if we do decide to move?

  4. If i went to court for a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia charge and it was dropped (withheld judgement) dropped after 6 months of probation. Can i still work as a security guard in the state of idaho?

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