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Security Guard Training In Texas

All too often you hear or read about security guards in the news being arrested or sued for negligence due to lack of skill, knowledge or training. It’s imperative as an security officer to seek and obtain ongoing knowledge and proper training in the field of security.

But keep in mind, guards aren’t the only individuals named in lawsuits; security companies are responsible parties for the actions of their guards. With that said, continuous training should be mandatory with all companies as well.

Security Training Courses in Texas

Recently in the news:

A security guard shot at a tow truck because the driver was maneuvering the vehicle recklessly, according to the guard. The security officer resorted to using a lethal weapon instead of many other alternatives.

What if the guard injured, or worse, shot and killed that tow truck driver? Could the officer have selected a better method of getting the driver’s attention to stop driving erratically?

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Also in the news:

A lawsuit was filed against a security guard company for failure to protect the security client’s employees during a shooting. Video surveillance found the guard supervisor running and hiding in a boiler room instead of helping staff, to include the officers not giving any warning as to the danger that was underway.

A jury found the security company was negligent and awarded millions to the families of those killed in the shooting. David Chang

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Proper training could have assisted the security officers in regards to responding correctly when faced with these real-world scenarios. Had the guards acquired the skills necessary to act in both cases, they would not be confronted with litigation, apprehension, or compensatory damages.

Private Security Training

Texas Certified Training Academy, a leading training institution for security officers, provides a wide array of security officer training and certification to those entering the industry or those already certified and looking for additional education or re-certification.

As a security officer, make it a point to receive quality training along your career; and as for guard companies, you simply don’t have an option to neglect getting your officers trained “regularly.”

For more information about training programs for security guards, and bodyguards in Austin, Texas please visit Texas Certified Training Academy as we highly recommend their services