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SECURITY EMPLOYMENT – A Straightforward Approach to the Guard Hiring Process

Are you seeking employment in the security industry? Do you want some tips on how to “ACE” the application and interview process? Do you want to know what hiring managers look for in an applicant and /or what they consider ‘Red flags’ and ‘deal breakers’?

Then we have the book for you! Security Employment from Glenn Jones is a fantastic, short read that will make sure you understand the hiring process and GET THE JOB!

In this book, you will learn:

  • Security EmploymentWhat exactly are security employers looking for
  • Things to avoid and what sends “Red Flags” to an employer
  • Why you didn’t get hired (what they won’t tell you)
  • What to expect from this industry
  • Key points of your application and resume
  • Key points of your appearance and personality
  • What you must bring to the table as an applicant
  • How to maximize your hiring potential and minimize rejections

This is an outstanding short book for anyone just starting out or for job seekers looking at dressing up their interview presentation as it pertains to security employers. We know that anyone can show up to a job interview and fill out and application but we want to increase your chances of actually being hired buy going over certain protocols and things security HR managers look for – both good and bad. This can also be used by HR managers to help them filter poor applicants.

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